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Silent Influence

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" 1 ii.-iv.' no iufluenoe," MÍJ Elsiu Lee to her friend. Miss Tomsio. " Wby, I rui ho titnid when in company that I hardly daré raiee iny eyes or opon my lipa." " Tliat may be," replied the other lady, " and yetyou are always exorting influencie wherever you go. You canriot help your.sel f. Aa hour ago I bought a buncb of violeta from a Gei-raan flower girl, and I set them on yonder shelf, beside my dear ninth'T's pioture. It is a very tinybunob, and a person entering the room would vory likoly üot see them, for they do not chailengo attentiou. But every nook and corner of theappartucnt feelütlicir presence, for their perfume is penradiag the atnjospber'. So it ü with you my dear. You love your Saviour aud you try to serve him but ifyou live tbr bim.and withbim, ingentleneas, patieuce, and selfdenial, that is beteer than talking. It doen more fjood. The other eveniug Jerry Haloomb, wlio i thoughtless and gitidy, made a jest of a of Soripture in your hearing, loa Wished to protest agaiut bis act and tried to do 80, liui (lic wordi would not come. Yet your pained look, your quick blush, your instinctive, indignant, gesturc, spoke for you, atid tbe yuimn man turnud, and said, ' l beg your pardon, Miss Elsio." Vu nul :i proof that he saw and telt your oond.innation ?" Silunt influeoce ie strootrer than we soiuetirues think tor " A or i'vil. -


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