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What Extravagance Costs

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A o acre oí governnieut lamí eosts $ l.üo. A drinkinR saloon hanger on will easily consume five ten cent or ten tí ve cent dnnks per dav. lo two and one-half day.s he has swallowed an acre of as fine land as "'lays out of doors." If ho average two days and a half ol' loating per weck, he consumes a fair-sizud farm every yiar. II" hi tobáceo and cigars avtrage a ttiöe over half h nnn-h. he lias -ti:n! a quarter section. And tlier-e are Ihv men who iu eities can tind nothinir to do, are continually coinplaining of hard timen, dceert iheir families whn the wife caonot earu enough to koep theui in licuor, or rct'u.-eH to give thera more, and overrun the country as tramp.-. It is thono uien who are festt-rtng aud tasteu themselvfs upon every hone.-t movemeot of labor f'or reforma in houre of work or i'or needed and just demandu for better mgea. Who cao havo any gn-at amouut of hviupathy for a man who wallows a yardeu patch in th worning before breakfast, and wbo whines for bread boforo


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