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How To Stop A Paper

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tollowing, front úqo ofour exchanges, no tully and clearly expresses our views on ii.i.-,-i thut wc eopy it without comtm-rif ¦ ¦ Yiai h.ivc un mAnbted riln t. .top a new-paper wlirn you feel diapoted, upuo l'Kv ment of' all arrearagi-. I to uot he-itate bp do so oo a.Ti.unt ol' tl'e 'tenderMMof tielinif,' for the ciliinr. Don't ynu Mppose he wuuld stop buying sugar of yon, or ujeat, cluthiiiK, dry KOOdt, KtO., il' b thouttlit Inwhk not ;t'ttiug uiiiiifv's worth 7 and why ulioul'l you nol eXOTOÍM the aumc prÍTileíte with regard to hini ? And whn yon di(oontinuc ¦ ) nni, do n nineifully. Don' I ha i fpilctul u (i throw it bok to tl póatmtater with a oontemptaoria ' I doo't want it any uiixf I' a"d have ' refiued' written on the OMTfio, and Iium the paper returned to the editor. N" gentleman ever stoppcd it in that way ; no matter if liis head is covercd with ray hair that should be honorable. It' you do not longer wish tn rei eived a nep;per, write a note to the editnr like a man, saying o - and be Mure that the arrearages aro paid. Th;ii is i tic :.v to -t..j, ¦ ïicwrpaper."


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