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' Don't jou (hink that good ük of me 't" askad a wife of herhusband not long ginee. " Very rckkI " wa tbc reply except tbat there s a littlo too mach l about the ruouth " Ayer' Pilis are the best of all pMgMJTQI for family use. They are pteasant, Hft and sure, aod eicel all oüier PilU in ln-aliri2 and curativo qualiti. Answer Thls. Did you ever know any perori to !¦ ill, without ioaction of' the stoinach, lim or kidneyn, (ir did juu ever know om that was well when either was obatraoted or nactive ; and did you ever know or hfar of any pe of th kind that Hnp EKrtero woiiM not cure? Aak your Mtfrhhnr ihia same ijiition. - Times. Piar impaired digestión, and for debilita from any cause, 1 know of nnthing ( qiial to Fellows' Compound Hygophmphitea. lts direot effect in strengtbening the nfrvous gygtem renders it -uitable for the uiajority of diseases. Waknoss of the joints and mu.sele.-, Impuritv of thn Uood, and ÍDward waatings may be eured by Fellows' Hypophosphiten. u f. s. KOWK, v l. Pittsflc!.] M Nothing HurpasHO the purity and efficiency of American Bai.l-Bu:e in imparting to yonr washing an iinmacuUtr ciernes. All grooers have it. Fat her l ftetllm; Mr IL My daughters say, "How mooi) better fatlier is ince he used Hop Bitter-." Ho is petliug well after hls long Huffering tmiu ¦ li.clared incurable, and wc arr n glad that he ud your Bitten - A My of Roohenter, N. Y.- Utica Herald I grill and ranvHNrr Make from $25 to $50 e,r week telling jood for K. C. Rn)W)üT Co , 10 IWtiaj MnM, New York. Seud 11 tln-ir MMfoffM mi truiH. 1060-1062. Moth.r-'. Mntht-rst! Mothersü! kn ytiu dittnrbed at night and brokto ot' your IMI by a sick child Mitferinir aod crying with the excruciating pain of cuttioK tettli ' II' mi, go at OHM and bottle oFMRS. U'INSLoWS 8O0THI.Nd SVHI1'. It wil! relieve the poor liiili mtSmm immediatcly - depend upon it; there is no uiitttake about it. There íh not a mother on earth who hai ever used it, who wilt not teil you at ouoe that it will regúlate the bowels, and give rest to the ! uiother, and relief and health to the child, opcratitig like magie. It in perfect! in me in uil mms, and ploasant to tbu tute, and the prescriptiob of uue of the oidest and best feniile phyiüiansand nurrtes in the United States. Sold everywherc. SS eaati a bottle. loO7-: 1'he (f natfst Bemedy Known. Hk. KiNd's New DibcoVKBY for Consuiuption ia ourtaiuly the greatest medical remedy ever placed within the reach of sufiering huniauity. Tbousands of once hopelewi sufferern, now loudly proclaim their praise for thia wonderful discovery to whiob they owe their lives. Not only does it HMiltVii cm e ConHUiuption, but ('oughs, Colds, Asthma, Bronchitis, Hay Fever, Hoarseness and all affectiong of the Throat, Chest and Lungg yield at onoe to iu wonderful curative powera a il' by magie. VVe do not ask you to buy a largo bottle until you know what you are getting. We theref'ore earnatly rtqueit you to cali on your druegist, Eberbaeh &. Son, and get a trial bottle for ton cents which will convinee the most skeptical of it wonderful merits, and show you what a regular one dollar sice bottle will do. For sale by Kí'crbaeh & Son. Ann Arbor, Mich. I ( oiiffh, Cold or Sore Tbroat sliould be stopped. Neglect frequently results in an Incurable Lung Diteae or Conlumption. Brown'8 Beonchial TrochÏ8 art certain to ffive relief in Atthmn, Jironchiti. Cmtghs, Catarrh, Consumpthe and Throat DUcatet. For thirty years tli' Troches havft been recouiniended by physicians and always give perfect satisfaction. They are not new or untried but having been tested by wide and constant use for nearly an entire generation, they have attained well merited rank among the few sraple remedies of the age. Aiblk Speaker and Siïnqen use them to olear and strengthen the Vetee. Sold at twenty-five ocuts a box everywhere. 1007-58 PhysicianH claim and Malt Bitters are the best. _____ The suprome court of the state of New York has decided that .1. C. Ayer & Co., of Lowell, have sole right to uge the wordCherry Pectoral for a medicine, and bas issued an injunctiou againgt F. Y. Kushton, of Ni'W York City, for selling Rushton'c Cherry Pectoral or Cherry Pectoral Ixzengers, or any other use of the name W deceivu the public. This decisión of the high court jncludes all dealers who sell any similar articlcs. - Port Jefferson (L. I.) leader. The 1.1. ui Malaria and Livcr I'ad. A CHKA1' CVRE FOR CHILLS ASO l'KVKK. Don't suffer with Chili and Fever or Malaria wben you can be cured for onc dollar by the Iyon Malaria and Liver Pad and Body and Foot Piaster. Thi.s treatment not only draws the poison out of the Hystein, but produces a normal and hcalthy oondition ut' tho dtouiach and liver. The whole. combined treatment, Pad. Body and Foot Plast'-t-, fyt MH dollar. For we ly 'lmkri-t-. V Jhiiik' fr the I .-,t h. l-'iaifrant SOZODONT is a eompobitiüii ot' the boreal and choicest of the Oiieutal vegetable kiugdoui. Efery ingrediënt ia wpll kuowu to have a benetidal effect on tlie toe tl i aud gums. It i-iiiliuliiiing U auticontic (iroperty and aromatic trairranci.' tnakes lt a toilet luxury. 8OZODONT removes all disagreeable odors from the broath caused by eatarrh, bad teeth, ko. lt is entirely free from tbe injurioUH and acrid proporties of tooth pastes and powéwi wliich destroy the enauifl. Ono bottle last gix montli-. Hints to Farmer. ln't let your horse be seen standing much at tho tuvern door; it dont look right. Don't Ie without Hknry & Joiinso.n's Armca and Oil Liniment near at hand to apply in cases of accident. Keep good fences - ospooially line fences ; it pro motes good feeling among neiglibors. Keep DoWHg' Hlexir always in the houae, and use it in cases of sudden coughs, &c, as a safeguard against consumption and other dangerous diseases. Baxters Mandrake Hrn'Kits, taken according to diroctions, navi .- largi' expense iu doctor' bilis. lí ARE CHANCE Mplrndld Mtook Clean rw .oo1m. lm Miory llrt,mi, entabliahed businera, Anet location In Detroit, tu exchance Tor -i(jr email Incauibmnce, no nbtction. Addrooo, Ncrrhint, care of J. . HOI 4.11. 101 i i- ..1.1 oi Detroit Mit-li. 102225 t-ach. X, lb. beds $, ñnc , ui- ¦ dry plckcd Feathers 15c H lb.,Pnme tícese Fetherf .J K5c„ J. W. Morrión A M Co., 4 Jeflersou Ave, VA ¦& Datrolt.SMrLEKRKEBBlK jgKf ¦'Fi"i!IitIvI'7 E BP In World. B 1022-14 Jm V 1W3VTTT A T Uw ji Biftllrd kl ' - ¦ g IWe rkrUti of VwrtlM n' I Í. K. FEEKY 4 CO. , Detroit, MlCH 1022-24-86 2S


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