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AMERICAN flCf ' Vá7 BALLBLUE THIS IS THE BEST BLUEINC I3SI XTÖE' oi P0IS0N01 -¦ HELPS III. li BDÏG ..n, OH B! i;i.i rii'i ,. vi fe-For Sale by all (Jrooers. jej American Ultramarine Works, 55 ifsJden l.anr. Vork. 982-ljr wTtbemaiñ Ill'lE All ( H'I !: )VEB CASPEB RINSEY'S 3B0CEB? STOBE, M III Km M r"OTJRTH HT. Vorlli BrlIUli liiNiiramc 4'omp') (of IondoD and Kdinburh,) Detroit and Marino las. o. Cph Anwti" J ipr1nsn-ll luí. nij. ..i tin-. Vtitb Unta 11100,061 llfttrl In. o., or -t ruT 0A .41.910,000. tttrlciilliirnl hmMM 'mp SATBKTnN, , „„i, kmetê íiUrully udju.itfciaud .rouijtJ j.aai. yr n. f. UUTH A i O., eornerof H'ooduard mul .IcHitmiii Vi ¦.., Dilioil. invilf IkC :illciiliou I Imi i-I'k lo I lui f l;n;c Hit I IIIM' olloction f KtcrliiiK Bllrer Ware, Prencli 4'l-k, l'aUíuc Ware, Itroil . lHI'Íillll ot OllH1. li;imondo. .llrj, iiIcIm .ni I il-i l'lalt-il Vur-, 'inlra4'inu nrii-l nifioi HpprorÍHio Cor %Vrd1ing Aiinhiroír) and llolida) 4U"I. mIi iir inqiifi iIty malí till our pronipi itnd Tu I atU'iitlon. JtHilci nnd lmportcri, corurr of IVimkIM'nrd Hiid J-irToii xiiik, !- Iroli. NM PERDÓN LUMBERYABD JAMES TOLBEET, Prop., Manafactnrer nrt D'üili r i 8ACINAW KANG-8AWBD LUMBER, LATH AND SHINGLES. We ii.l'.e all lo gire n s cali, fud oambM "ni itock hefore parchulnt; rtwwlwce. ALSO A (i ENT FOH JACKSON SEWER PIPE CO., AND S1CLLS F1RK BRU K. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop. T. J. K.KK4-H, Snpt. teb.H.'.H IN. H. DOVfNS S VEGETABLE BALSAMIC ELIXIR Is s sure cure for Coughs, Colds, Whooping-Cough, and 11 Lung Uiteaseí, when taken n aeason. People die of contumption simp1 v becaue of neglect, when the timely use of thii remcdy woulJ have cured them at once. JFifty-one yean of constant use proves the fact that no cough remedjr has stood the test like Mtotena' Elixir, Pric S5o. 80o. nd 11 U0 pr botU. Tor Sale Srorywhor. Dr. Baxter's Mandrake UlTTLRÜ HWill cure Jaundice, Dispepsia, ¦ Liver Complaints, Indigestión, I and all diseaaes arising from BilI iouaness. Price 25 cts. per bottle. For 81 Everywhere. HBNRY JL .ioil%M V ÁRNICA AND OIL IlinimentI For .Han auil Beatt. ¦ The most perfect liniment ever B ¦ compounded. Price 25c and 50c B For Sale Et rynher. 850(TrËWARdT" S I wlll pay ttic above reward for any Livor Ckimplaint, Dynpepsl. Skk Hedacbc, Iuüi L'cKtiou, Cons.ti.atl,.u .r ¦.i-tlvem-íi' weraunot enre with Wer.t VegeUW Livor Pilis, wht-n the tion are nuicily complied wlth. lhj nrmaTr! Veectblc aud m-vi-rfail toglvenatisfacticu Poatrd. IJírpe hoim, cont .inlng SO Plll, Z5 cent. Kur hy all áta:-gin. Beware of counterfcit and Imliatlone. The cenaiDe manofactared only bT JOHN O. WEST A CO . "Th Pili Maker, 181 A 183 W. Madlson 8t., Chicago. Free trlal pcker ent ty malí prepalU on recelpt of a 3 cent etamp. 998-1M9


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