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Sleighiog was seldom evCT nicer t han a I)resent. ____ Thero 8 :v tip-iop liglit in iho eourl house tovtcr now 'o nights. Patrick McMahon, of Northfield, aged forty years, died lust Tuesday, of consumption. Don't forget the bazar of Company A which is to open next Tuesday night at the armory. The yoimg people's club of the I 'oitarian church held a very pleasant meeting last evening. The regular uiouthly meeting of the pomological society is to be held to morrow, nt the court house. We are requested lo annouoce that tliis fveiiing, :i( unirersity hall, thr clioral union are to give a rehoarsal. Yigilant Gre company will hold a masquerade ball, Feb. 22, at arniory hall, tlio pulilie generally are invited. Jack Frost has chcated Mr. 11. K. White out of 30 barrels of choice apples, and fiu bushela of eider apples, recently. ín the last list of patente publi.ib.ed wo uotice the name uf J. Finman, of Ann Arhor is given, for a patent plow. On V( 'diicsday, of last week, at the reiidence of Thos. Clarken, John Muroane aged 04 years, died of coriMiinption. - - Tlio pledges which Itev. Dan II. Shier has seeurod in this city, for the prohibitory aoiendiiu-nt l'und, now ïvaches the sum of 300. ______ Saw logs have beeu seooting into the saw mills South of the city, in a lively manner sinco snow-fall. Of eourse they are of hard wood. ._ It is stated that Mr?. John Wn.-t, who was injured by the falling of the Mtil in the red ribbon tent last soason, has not boon out doors since being hurt. The number of tramps and paupers taken care of at the county house, for the year ending February lst, 1881, is given as 202, against 730 the year previous. The address of Col. Tucker, at the opera house Sunday afternoon, is highly spoken of by those who heard it, and $75 was secured for the umendment fund. A dance was given by the ladies' decoration society of the fifth ward, last Friday evening, at the residence of Chas, l'lace, to benefit the funds of the society. Ncxt week Thursday, in the evening, there will be an oyster supper at the residence of Will Boyden, in Webster, for the benetit of the Presbyterian minister. ?? The Sentinel of last week calis our artic!e respecting that paper, "sediment." As it consisted largely of literal quotations frora its columns we shall not dispute it. The past weck has been a bad one for engines upon our railroade. The cold weather makes the steel very brittle, and several instances of bad breaks have been reported. Dr. Maclcan will deliver the next leeture in the reform club eourse, Tuesday night of next weck, at, the opera House. Subject : "Healinp," illustratcd with a magie lantern. The huge snow drifts between this city and Brighton werc too much for l'ncle Sam's mail carrier traveling that route, and he had to lay off a (rip or two this week. The erection of three frame dwelünirs, oo the lots of the Fasquelle homestead, fronting on Washington street, is among thn ionl.'iTnlivteJ improvemonl next pprinp. Isaac Elliott, of Ann Arbor town, died of disease of the lungs last Wednesday, aged 74 years. He was a native of Connecticut. Funeral tomorrow. Wlll tlii' iM.Tsoii wtio malled usa dollar bill in an envelope without glvlng name or adilrew, please send the ame, that we mny know to whom to glve credit.- Iiigliam Co. Democrat. Yes. It's funny we were so thoughtless about U. Lat Monday evening the coromon council met and extended the time for the payment of taxes until the lOth inst, next week Thursday. Last cali ! all done ? Goïng, going, gon-. The Vigilant engine company, No. 2, have some nice new that cost them $420, of which amount $325 was raised by their own members, the 195 balance being donated by citizens. A Genesse County boe-keeper figures his hooey product at IOe. per Ib. Wish he would send over noine at that price. It seldoin, if evor, goes be'ow lSe. here, and is usually 20c. per lb. Chas. J. Kintner, of the U. S. patent offioe, well known in this city, and a foroier resident hcre, hud an able article in a recent isHue of the Scieotific American upon " teleeraphy. ' ' We have not as yet been able to secure a 0y 'f the CouRiKii of March 19, 1880, "bich is neeessary to complete our files, vanoot some of our readers accommodate u' with ooe of that issue' h: oooMiittat of tho board of .-iiiorviaors Wtn uv:ii'k-l the copyiag rf the indexes at tlie register of' deeds office to Krastus N. Qilbert, and the m&king of tbfl large booka to the Courier oflbe, Last Monday in the houso of the legia laturo, the bill makiog appropriations for tbe univcrsity was iotroduccd. It propones $100,000 for a new library building, am allows $75,000 for otbcr purposes. In Pittüfield, on Monday, January ;ilst Mrs. Nancy A. Clark, wife of Israel Clark died in the 51st year of her age. She hai lived in l'ittsfield for tbe past 80 years, au was a native of London, Canada. Trains on the Toledo & Ano Arbor roat going south last Tuesday, experieneed f=o inuch difficulty with the snow tha they backed out entirely. No trains go throttgh either way until Wednesday. Tbe next meeting of the AnD Arbo scientifio associatioti, will bc held in the room of the association, Saturday even ing. A paper will be presented by Dr. V C. Vaughan. Subject: Muscular contrae tion. ____ A coal mine has been struck way up in Mi-aukee County. Wish that soma accorumodating fellow would strike a huge bed of antbracite in Washtenaw County It would bc a bonanza, especially on of years, like the present. Passengers on the Mich. Central railroac dclayed here last Monday morning, were furnished backs to and froru the depot am gien their brcakfast at the Cook house at the expense of the railroad. Who mfM corporations are soulli'-i ? Tho aatoeiated pran dispttohea in the Tuesday morning dailies stated thatanother tmnendous snow storm was approaching from th mrthwest. It struck us that sak storm had roaubcd hcre at least twelve hours bcfore tbe telegram did. It seems to be tbe general irupression thal somo great tliing i- tn happen tlif coming year. l'rophets are predicting it and some preachers are preaching it. We don't believe it. J'ut f it does como, al we have to say is : " Let 'er come." Hon. Geo. W. Bain lectured on temper anee before the reform club, at the Presbyterian ehurch on last evening, and is to speak again Friday and Saturday evenings, and on Sunday afternoon before the univer8Íty assoViation, at the university hall. One of our city boys was herd to rejoice extremely over the rich ice harvest gal hered this winter, and being intorrogated u t( the reason, why he, a young man,-should so rejoice over it, replied: " Well, it will reduce courting expenses next summer." A lady asked us the other day wbother a man who had beet marriedfor a long time, but was finally dirorced, might to rass for a single man or a widower f We gave itup. But will say bowever, that iniist of tliem pass themaelrea oft' for single men, il' piM siblo. 11 mi. Joint .1. Robison, of Sharon, at tha meeting of farmers' mutual lire insurance companies, at Eiosiag, last week, was cbosen vice-president, and a inembor ol the committee appointed to draft n bill for a general law governing mutual maraño) co m pánica. . The Pundee lleporter in quoting our article upon the Christiancy case, givcs us credit for stating that " the story as given to the public by Mr. ChrUtianey, bas an air of OMtptrocy," etc. Now we don't plead guilty to the charco. Wo said " an air of consistency." In the Washtenaw circuit court, last year, seventy-eightchancery cases were commenced, forty of theiu being for divoicc A divorce bas not been granted in eiich iustance, but in DO case bas one been demci. Doesn't this show a fcrew loóse in public moráis somewhere ? It is estimated that the farmers of Man chester, Chelsea, and Ann Arbor still have about 35 per cent. of last yoar's erop ol wheat on hand; wliili: those in the vieinity of Ypsilanti and Dexter hold about one half of the erop. Some people predict a big price for thn cereal next year. Upon Wednesday evening of last wiek a private masquerade party was held at the residence of J. Staebler, about five miles out on the Jaekson road, many friends from Detroit and the vicinity joining in the merry-making. The Dexter orchestra i'urnished the music, and a grand time was had. _ The girls and boys are always saving their pennies for souething nice in the future, and now they have their cyes fixed upon Monday, the 14th inst., which is St. Valentine's day. The day, however, bas degenerated too much into ono for venting petty spites, instead of exchanging tokens of affection. The Ann Arbor city band recently held an election of officer? , which resulted as follows ; Leader, Prof. J. tl. Simonds ! president, John Kelly; vice-president, John M. ('hayi' ; secretary, F. V. Lotz ; treas urer, W. Pack ; liusines.i manager, ('. . Wagner; directors, John Kelly, J. Pack, J. M. Chase, F. W. Lotz, C. W, Wagner. Tbc Brighton Citizen of Jan. 2fith, bas this item : "Prof. J. I!. Steere, on account of lrknnu. wai unable to 1111 hls appolntment, KrUlay ii{ht. aud the lecture committee, rattier man iliHKuppoiiit the audience, brought Rev John Alubaster from Ann Arbor to lecture In hls stead. Ho ¦ ever, Prof. Hteere will glve hls lecuire as soon as he recovers. Mr. AlabaHler'fl lecture wa upon MlrhaelAngelo.and was a rare treat. As he bas traveled extensively In iiJl the eastern countries. and das seen nearlj' all the places he describes In hls lecture, II Is the mora tateMsüng." Jjast Saturday thu tl, E church Sabbath school, Ilev. A. F. Bournes, pastor, and S. W. l'arsons, superintendent, came to tilia city on a sleigh ride. Thoy arrived bcre at about nooo, and wi ut to th ¦ court house, whcro they opened tlicir lunch basiets. In the afternoon they visited the university. There were over 300 p( HOM among them. Wc have received a package of California and Oregon papers trom O. Ed. Worden, of thi.s city, who is now traveling in the I'acific states tor th.; drug house of F. Stearn?, of Detroit. lvl. seeim to be meeting with many former Ann Arborites and university pooplc, and h thoroughly ' doing" that section of country, oinbinng businoss and pleasure. From theca he goes to Arizona, New Mexico, and thence to Mexico. There is a class of people in nearly every commuuity who always find it iiupossible to attend a lecture or entertainment aud remain until it is closed. This class generally take sittings well to the front and mu he " squeakiest" boots or shocs possible o obtain. They seem to bc a necessity in evcry community and are an abalm ination o the cars of thoje who go to listen, and ïot to display their beautiful .'elved or gorgeous apparel. The Whitmore Lake correspondc:i! of he Brighton Citizon bas thin to say : " It seeius lint Wlutuiorc Luke can boa9t of a ittlc five-cent gatubling heil, where the ity faihers spend thoir evenings, and oftcn tay until the small hours of the morning nd play for the tobáceo, caudy, peanuts and 'sich' like stuff; at loast, po red ibbon man siys. IIow would it do to enorce the law on that 'hole?' It ought to be closed, at least, on Sundnys." It is stated the ground hog carne out of bis hole yesterday. If he did he Kot the worst of it, and went back agaiu. We notice that someof our people throw dowu grain and food forthe little sparrowp whochipperthanks for the thoughtfulnesi aml (ry to makc the cold, dreary days pleas ant by tbeir prescnce. Whatever may be said agaiüHt these üttle fellows, their presence during the winter months airaos compensates for their bad deed in the suiumer, and pugilistic propcti-ities to ward other bird.s. Thi lecture of Mrs. Sunderland upon Mr-i. Lydia Maria Child, at tho I'nitarian church last Sabbat h morning was exceed uly interesting, and from the life work of this noble woman soino rare traits o eharacter were pictured and most eicellen examples for young' people of our da; brought out, for she never allowed he ÜtHrary work to intefere with her duties o wife and mother, and looked upon hnuse hold duties and manual labor as ennobling A Mff insurance organization to beknown as the Michigan Fire and Marino insurance company bas been organized in Detroit, in which several of our citizens are interested The following gentlemen of this city are among the stockholders, the first mention cd being a director: Christin Mack, Fred Schinid, W. V. Winos, R. A. Beal, Wm Wanner. Moses Seabolt, David Rinsey, K Treadwell, C. Kbf-rbach, Chas. E. Hiscock II, l. Bennett, L, Gruoer, Chas. Funtle C. llominger. At the meeting of tho county agricultura and houicultural society, held last Saturday, it was decided not to fix the date o the next county fair until the state society had made definite arrangements respecting their exhibition. A committee was appointed to confer with tho holders of the mortgage agninst the society property wit! ret'erence to a reduction of interest. Also a committee to remise the premium list consista of Messrs. E. E. Leland, Nelson Sutherland, J. Hood, J. W. Nanry, ant E. ï. Walker. Mica in stoves when smoked, Is readlly cleaned by taking It out and thoroughly washing it with vinegar a Hule dlliited. If the black does not come off ut once, let it soak n lililí. '- Hxchange. , Perhapi it will. You better try it We'vo tried it, now you try it. It's our opinión you will denunce the aulhor as at unniitigated, bombastic, eontemptible, errati'c, goshdarnable, blueblarsted, miserable, jaw-attenuated, sour-visaged, slippery tongued, eonceitsd, egotistical.sadly degenerated, weak-miuded, deluded, misguidcd old blow-bard, falsifier, and villain. That's nothing but our opinión, however. ( ne of our ddttt inhabitants tells us that during the winter of 1834 we ha:ï a January without a thaw, and that we also had Diaeteen weeks of continuous sleighing that winter. And still another pioneer tells us that in the winter of '33 preceding the kbore, (hey had a violent (hooier storm in .January. The eet and ice forming on the trees and branches so thatit was extreme!? dansrerous to pass through the woodf, Limbs twelve and fifteen inches through were stripped off of trees as easily as a boy pulls the buttons off his clothes playing 'pullaway." County Clerk Clark received, Tue9day, February lst, cominissions for tbc following notarios public, not heretofore published : Ypsilanti - John S. Jenness, Jas. M. Forsyth, M. T. Woodruff, Frank Josün, W, L. Pack, ('. H. Whimian, Hugh A. Holmes. Gbelsea- HoMoe A. Smith, (. W. Turn Buil, Reuben Kempf, Win. E. Depew, D. B. Taylor. Ann Arbor- F. E. Winegar, I). Cramer, A. J. Sawyer, P. S. Purtell, E. K. Ftueauff, It. E. Frazer, J. F. Lawrence. Saline- (j. 15. Mason. Sharon- John J. Robisoa, ('. M. Fcilows. Bonds and oaths of office have been forwarded to each of the above. At the meeting of the Aun Arbor council of Koyal Templan of Temperance, last Monda; evening, Mr. Daniel J. Markey wa-i elected fioaoóal secretary, to fill the vacancy. It was decided to admit charter menibers for the balance of the thirty days preceding the organization. The next meeting of the council will be held at the rooms of Gen. W. Moore, Hainstreet, Feb. Tth. At the meeting Monday evening eight now memben were admitted, and as the insunince is 2.00() for males and $1,000 for females, on the co-operative plan, a large. council will undoubtedly bc establiehed. The fourteenth biennial report of the board of trustees of the Michigan institution for the deaf and dumb, and the blind, has been sent us. In looking over its pages we notice the following names of pupils in thedeaf-mute departmeut from this county: Ann Arbor: Ludwig Heinzman, Frederika Goetz, Mary Schaiberle. Ypáilanti: Gen. S. Fletcher. Manchester; Catharine Weidlioh. In the blind department Washtenaw bai but one representative, Silas S. Cone, of Lima. The total number of pupils gi ven is 358, of which 806 are deaf-mutes and 52 blind. The latter are now separately educated, at Lansing. Dr. Thos. Maclntyre is the principal and Dan II. Chureh steward. The CotftiKR is included in the li.-t of papers contributed to its Dies for whieh tli in ks are returned. Some 390 or 400 people gathered at tli M I'. church last Wednesday evening to listen to the lecture of Iiev. J. Alaba.iter upon " Michaol Angelo." Not a person who attended could possibly have been ili.-appointed, for the intcllectual feast wa ouo far surpassing ordinary lectuies. We [cel perfectly safe in asserting that nothing as cotcrtïining and iustructive has been given upon any lecture platform of our city the past year, and had admission been free, we doubt not the church would have been Bllcd to overflowing ; and that too, by the very ones who were conspicuously absent, Dut who scold the people of our city, (vide Klla June Mead's re.ading) if they do not ill univertity hall upon every occasion advertisedby them. Thoseof our city people who did altend, however, were remarkably well repaid, and received mpressions of the great hculptor, painter, architect and poet which will last them through life. Thore is a contract exuting between the county of Washtenaw and the Delroit [louse of Correction for the care of prisoners wliom she may choose to have sentenced to that institution by justices of the peace. It commenced Jan. lst, 1S7S, and euds Dec. ';ist, 18S2. The contract is a bllows : For sentences less than four months, tl. 75 per week ; for four months and less than six month.", $1.50 per week ; br six months and less than twelve, $1.25 er week, and for twelve months and over, SI. 00 per week. When the prisoners are dischargcd they may bc furnished with raosportatMa to the place from wheDce received, and the auiount cbarged to the county. This eo&tract may be tcrminatcJ y either party six months from notice. Ofticers taking prUoners to tho Detroit louse of Correction are allowed $2 50 for each trip, the same to be auditcd by the ward of supervisors at tbeir annual session n the fall, besides their actual cash expenes which aro paid upon presentaron nf h verified bill to the county clerk.