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it on .i swift flowing stream ; I lkgSúbAAMJdijMe drf.tin. . a ir: !, w iji uppressive and cruel ¦.ter jcwc!. i'raise is a cymbal, discordant ana tinkling ; Klattery a fooi-test, ihat acts in u twinklin. Strile is a chaos of tunnoil and g loom Kindness a plant of peren nial bloorn ; CoDsdencc a pilot, unerring and truc; Wisdom a secret, vouchsaíed to but few. Wealth is a soul trap, diatnoned embossed; Kashlon a whirlpool, whose victlms are lo i Avarice a reptiie, unsated with pelf ; 1 n ¦ v ¦ serpent, torinenting hiinsrll . Pride is a dunce that wiü never gruw Ise, Malie i.Mil, bitiij ii. bot). ..f ht vs; . a b-íiiil, save with moral delenArt an expedlent lu ravlsh the icom; Wit an explosivo, that fU-hcs jiuí flwmi I.earning a lantern, wilti radian t beu nis ; Pleasure a garden, with danger btset; Teniperance a friend whlch none shouid fort-t. Truth ís a saber that all men shouid carrv ; Virtue a sylph every mortal shouid mart . I'atience has sltoes that all may be shod, t'rayer is a lever to Uit us to Ood. Commerce brings darkness of soul nnd ol hc.iti. Labor has Ught, health, strength to iropart. V ice has machinery tor making a slave; Wine digs a pit deeper lar than the gravr. íienius, a star, hiñes with unborrowed lïghi. Beauty is jov to the hearing and sight. Kloquencc paints in the color of youth; I'oetry siogs o{ invincible trutli. t 'ha ril y smiles like a morrting in June; Health is a harp. to be kept well in tune. Honesty gives the substralum for men; Hiety makes them symmetrical then. Crwf ís a discipline, teudcrly meant; SufTering a messenger, graciously sent. W'oman, an angel- as molher or wife Memory, the grand pamorania of lifr. solitud, pure, Ís a feast by the way ; Age, a brightcloud, at the sunset oí tl.iy 'I'ravel is labor, nnd Glory is vanity; H ft tred satanic : Forgiveness Christianity. Courage and Nlodesty- sister and brottiei ; ignorance, bigotry- daughter and mothei. r1 aith is an eye-glass to Piety given; Death a magician that charnis us to heaven


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