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Two Of Cape Cod's Aged Ladies

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The longevity of our Cape neiglibors is proverbial, as is also their pluck and resolution. These qualities liad an amusing ilI u-t i :it on ononeof the Old Colony passenger trains a few days sinco. Tho car was well filled, and comfortably rest ing wcll toward the center was an aged lady, sweetfaced and gentle of niien, aecompanied by her daughter. At one of the stations thfire etitered an alert; smart old lady, quick in spoech and movemeiit Taking a seat directly in front ot' the tir-it oM 1 idy, whom thequictly surveyed a few moments she corumenced : "Going f ar, marm ?" "To New Bedtbrd," was the reply. "Isyour home tbere, marro?" "Xo; it's on the Cape. I am t) visit a daughter in New Bedford. " "May I ask y our age?" "Certainly ; yers." "La, you show it. Now, I'ye jast been visiting for a few weeks, and aui on my way home. There's a few things 1 want to see to thero and straighlen out, and then I'm off for another visit. I travel about agood deal, muoh to somefolks' annoyance, because I'm so old. But when I can't take care of myself T 11 stop. I can hold iny own yet with conductors and baggage masters, and don't take none of their sass, though I don' t find much of that on tuis road. Now, how old do you take me to be?" "I cannot guess ; how old are you ?" was the response. "Ninety-eight- going on ninety ntne. And I say when 1 can't take care of tuyself I'll stop traveling ; wheu 1 can't see to throíd a nnpclfe I'll nop wüik, "i when I can't enjoy living I'll fttop breaihing. So there, now. But I get out hero. Name? Ves; it's Nancy Rïndall, aml 1 live at Marión. Come and see me. l'in home part ot' the time. Uood-by. " And with a nod and smile the young woman of nearly a oentury passed quickly down the aisle with the step of almost a girl, Isaving the passeogers ia wouder at lier reniarUable vigor and vitality. The Brst old lady, who is the ruother of one of the Old Colony's most trusted conductors, really appeared to grow -uong agaia ai she commented upoo tn cuj.rior .-.uiurtness of her aged friend. Now where but on a Cape Cod train could auch a gcene be dunlicated? Eighty-four and ninety eiglt


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