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Tobacco Harmful

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Scme reliiou8 ecta are makinp the use of t'baoco a bar toentrance into the. iuinistry. No candidato con receivo ordination f'rom ttiem who is a lave lothe weed. ¦ 'it-nch military s h oh are ádoptinp :i aituilar rule of adaaiásion, aml kome oí the oniversitiei as vil. It hai been found by careful obfirvution that tliose studuntwho uso tobáceo freely sWdom stand in tbe front rank ofseholara. A distinguiled teacher iua jirofiMsional sebeo! near Boston, saya that after two week' acquaintance with his students i the lecttire room, he can mark those who indulge in smoking or chewing. Tbey sbiow a decided inftríoríty in iu.xí;l)t nl mentil foree. riiysician are beginniru' iriñed rt the misebiefdone tothephysi by .xws.sivo Ii occaíioní parulysis, which ends tatally. When a habit so useless aud eipanwVf s also dangerous to health young meu ought not to f'orm it. It stunt?i grovfth, weakens the appetites, disturbsthe nerfe, and UDfits for a long intellectual strain. It is (treat fojly for boys thus to intliet permanent injury od themselves. The uw of tobáceo is not a sin of manüneas.


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