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liis recent severe ilhi' Tlie celebrated Vennor M nly i-) years ild. vet lic is red licaded. Au underground system of idegmph wirc. is tolw laid in Chicago. Prof. Carter, wlio has reoenlly been ohoseaprex. of OoHege mt 40 of l The iMMChmM at Úm New Vork legialatan adopted a resnlulion of synipathy with tlir Iiish liy a rot of 57 to 10. Kiag Kalakaua of Sandwich l.-lands is travclinj; iaeog. ia thiopttatnr, aeiag theághU. Benaible Kal. Happy rouniry. The venerable lVtcr CiMiper celebrated .;„ o.,.i. i:-' ; " . ' ït memorable by preeentiaf Cooper instimtf wiih ISO.OOlX K.-v. Dr. -lolin Mali liai been " called " to ;i 930,000 salary in Chicago, with the dnty of rarmstaiag a ecmgragarioa ikere with spiritual Food. Grand Elapids had to pay (iw. IWyiuan $3,000 beca- e hú hr.-e Ml into as ODgaarcM Hfltr. Tht "boai" must have beon a trotter. The magnilieent palace hotel built by Dr. Pieroe, oTBuffalo, N. Y., a few year ago, was buroed to the ground last Wednelav. 1, ... 1800,000; insured. EUetot municipal elections have resulted in the choice of a citizens' mayor in Pittabngfa ; a republiean mayor in Harrisburg ; and a denmeratie mayor in Krie. The deiiiocratie split in Fernando Wood's district in Ne Vork city, it is thought will give the rcpulilieans a chance to eleet another merober to the coming eongress. Columbia College, New Voik, la going to have $750,000 worth of new buildings. And Michigan university with a reputation and attendanee far ahead, is even begrudged the modest $100,000 ÚM MkRw a library Imilding. The MOÜing mateh ut Lowkm, Kngland, bal Siiturday, between Laycock and Hanhin lor i'..'ix) a sido and the sportmen's cup, resulled as usual in the triumph of tlie aooonquerable Cauuek, with five loat lengths to spare. The legislature rcsuuie.1 its MaMOO last Tuesday eveuing, having rested for scveral day.s. It is rxpeeted that busine&s will be eommenced ia carDCBt now. Every legislator is supposed to have hts Ut t Ie bill all roady for pushing. The grand lodge of the independent order of odd 1'ellow.s has been in session at Grand Rápida this week. There was represented 330 lotgcs, by 540 membera. The total membership is now 14,000, an inerease of 820 during the year. ücuienyi had his $ó,000 tiddle seizcd upon by a deputy sheriff at Chicago, Saturday night, ibr a littlc bill which bc owcd one Krcll, of Cincinnati. He paid it, and then said that the bill was for #30 more tlian he agrecd to pay. The young men's ChiiMiiil association of Michigan has issued invitations t itsninlh anoual state oonvention, to be held at East Saginaw, Fcbruary 21th to L'Ttb. Most of the .railroads throughout the state will scll tickets for one farc and onc-tliird. Ui. Mali, of Havisburg, who ha.s been undergoing a long and tedioua cxamination on the charge of poisonÍDg his wife, has been bound over for trial and bail fixed at 110,000. The cxamination was one of the ]oiKt on record in Oakland county. The bill sraBting about $50,(XW,tKM) to the inter-oceanic canal project has beendefeatcd, tcin;Mir:trily, at least. As we have befon reinarked, (he company which goes at the entorprise in ¦ business like manner, and Iets Saoi's pocket bwok alono, will be the one to succeed. A aditoreMmi ttat Ue iptrlt of mcIi. Chsndler, iliroucli nicilluiu. naiil tlin demoerntir pHity won UI le uccossful in 1HM Wbjrnotaau np the spint ƒ late party? - i Igcnukw Hcralil. It would doubtlcsslie very difficult tofiod aaj -piiit in orof that organization. Thcy are entirely out of one kind and not enough ftadi Icft. Peaw Pagti to iu' an-v of the othcr kiud. ir finir men r.miii n.ii m n tiie looaUoo oí the s,lHH)I tor the blind, liow iit it expoctt1'' ''' n, iliroiicli tlw1 proco of mutual agraeinont can rescb Uie deatrvd rc8iilt?-Ijin(ii!ig EleptibUoan. Tben would not be the least trouble in the world f the uien who had it in charge would look to tlie best interests of tlie to be clucatcl, instead of quarreling over tin villagc of city to be benctited. It'sthe lUnighty dollar that eaUM the trouble. I (' the newspapcr men werc slurp enough to out-wit the sae and dignified senators, and lind out the ]rovisions of that wonder ful document- wonderful more espccially lor what is omittcd l'rom its provisions- tbe Chinese treaty. the ïmwt MMÍMe thing for them to do is to keep still. The more they stir it up the more they bring out theirown weak pointa. Il' tbc object U to fastun disiii any particular one, they will probalrly tind it I -lifficult undertakini.'. The national as.sociation of stove makers held I ciiVcntum at Detroit last week, and it is ipilict(d that a rise in the price of stovcs, pots, kettlts, etc.. will be the rcsult of ilieirdoliltcration. Yes, coal and wood are outragcously high, why shouldn'tstoves go up, too? The pcoplcarc so ovcrloaded with nioney that it will be a pleasure for tlirm to pay an advance to thee uiaoufac(urers. They will undoubtcdly all tbrow away their old stoves and buy new ones just to accouimodate needy men who fbna this assoeiation. The fuHowing, paMisbcd in the Ktcwbi Newsof last Tu'i]-, underthe beadol ' new departure in journalism," isfVoruthe lcnof corresponden t. The tras exptWMd are worth rememberiog : The l'o-i and Tribune lis always lool aloof Hinl expresscd i holy horror al clwmplunlng a cHiKlIdaK' lor ¦ .rti.e befora nomlnatlou Dy a coDveutlon. Wniie' II clean IihikIh In th. luie pontesl for gove-rnor, or the later o .1 for Uuilcd stal -s senalor. What Is the secret Uiat ilii.s iu pollcy now In pressIng tlie DUN "I Maimón for Hm laprenM court lnch,or Win. B. Wt-iaon for regent of the unlvemitv ' l)r is it a cliange of principie on the queclloo ofadvocstlugcandMittei tor nomluatinn '. Ur are lbM mu fevorltea of Iwo of lu.dlractort, l'rof. Ohm A Kent. or the unlverMty.und K. i'. Walkei uiwiinl renen t? We art) wanting to know.' If tlio whnlo pcople ol our state are til vated, enlightenod, built up, l y our state cducational institiit'on-f, are said institu tioos not worth their OMt f Michigan 8 known all over the oivilized world because of her liberal system of education, whieh places the learned professions within reach of the very poorest, if they but have the persevermnce to graspihein. He wha cries out against tbem, deerys that which il good, pru.Tiwsivp, ennohling to the masses. Still there are those who would make the people believe that tkb power for good is unjust and oppressive. Hou. 1-Yrnando Wood, of New York city, died at Hot Sprints, Arkansis last Monday morning. He has beenailing for .ome time. Mr. Wood has been for many years a prominent democratie politician, and at the outbrcak of the war was mayor of New York city, where his conduct in aympathy witli the rebeli", and in advocating the scctssion of that city, and forming it into a free city after the olden cubtom, scveral times jcopardizcd bis life. He bas been a ¦06ff of Cfrtymifa nearly twenty foM, beiog first elcctcd in Ift&l, and a leader of' the democratie side. He was bom of Quaker parents, in l'hiladelphia, June 14, 1812, and removed to New York in 1820. At 19 years ol' age he engaged in buMnews for himself as a shipping mcruhant, and rctired in I BM with an am[le fortune. At '29 he was clectcd to eongress and bas held the office of mayor of New York city for three terms, and of congress for ten. He was a poli-bel gentleman ; a sharp, designing politician. These noble word-i rospecting our univcr-ity come frotu the (Jrtiot Journal, and show that pcople in that .section bclicve in auling a work which tends to elévate the pcople and place our state in the front rank of' tbc oominunitic.i of tbc world: Kvriy oooa In a whlle omc clironlc ({riiinhler iiri'HkH out lu thê Kvenlnu News ahout the miuiiint ol in y pulil out ilr the support ol mu miiverslty. Now wr hcur nothinu of this in our MoUoO of -otintry. our people do not roinplaln of tale tax 'ut all. lt Ik siiihII any way, wc ar' oul of lchi ;ikh ntate, oui rn itol pai'l for, our HtMle InatltaUoai rell undei mr peopto are Impruvll In fínanctal oondttloa, oor Ktaie Iraprovlng rapUlly und we are alilr an.l wllllng to stand thf, (fHHWieff IM(éO'6e"Drlálal acoar un I veraf tjr ItUthc bent htaln unlvcrslly In world, and rank well up wlth Yale and Harvard, laooa "ld New Kngland instlt utlons. and In nuiuhrrs we di'. .d Tliink ol I.pki ouiik men aml woin'ii reoslTlDg instrurllon in various brancheK of learnliiK ! U's an innllt mion of whtcli we mag eli be pniml. and nooilier lliuiK in our state haft orooshl ai promlueutly lefore t lic MEfle of the uld world. Wlieu A 1111 lOMM iravfl lu (Jermauy and teil the Inqulrer thal Ihey luiil Iroin Michigan, they are al once niet with the reiiponNe, "oh, that's the 8tAte with the real univcralty and good schools." The j.copi. of the Ktate may well li proud oí tnelr iinlwr-ity and nol U'yrudge the money appropi iateil to its support. We should like to M4 a flre-proof llhrary building and a well eqatppad gymnaHlmn for the boyg. We clip from Forney's Sunday Chroniele, of Fob. (th, tho following pleasant paragrapli respoeting the Hou. J. C. Newberry, mcniber of cnngress from the Detroit district, which many of our readers will bc pleascd to iieruse : Ron. I '. Newberry Issochary of public service and Ho unpalrlolic that he cannot heur lils "country' volee a-callin ofhim" to remaiii In Washiugton. He ha pcrsiHteutly returnó polillo) honor of every kind, and deplte the pi'otc-.tH ol In Iriends declined a second term in rnninwi Kuagett in severa! inanutaciuriiiK enterprlses ol hhown, the pn¦ldent of nearly forty manufacturlnji and commercial 'orporation8, with an immense private fortune, and vast Interest of others In hls hand, hls hax leeu Loo active a life to brook wit h iiHtiptH'fi tiie do-nothine routine of the average congremmau. Mr. Newberry han ueen a lawyer for nearly thirty years and has a well carned llterary reputatlon as well. Aflergome civil eugineerlug 011 railroads in hls youth he made the ad mi ral ty of the lates and rlvers of the west a speclatty for Heventen years, and publlKhed the volume of admlralty reporls of üeclRloim of cases arlslng on those waters. He is one of the Milest convergationallsts extant, w orth hls welght In gold as arxiwlraraladltincr pariy. ij nuk at repartee, and overflowing vflli wit and fancy. lie tells a llttle story on liTmself-how at one of tlie flrst receptlons he attended in Washington, he was introduced to a iUlet looking lady, who appeared as plain ax her rather plaiu cognomeu would imply. all mg into conversatlon, he was astonlshed to Und her a wondrous talker, hlmself eclipsed In wit and worsted at every turn In repartee. Subsefinently askingof a frlend "who is that MissDodge? He reoelved ampie explanation in the reply: " hy don't you know, 'Oall Hamilton ?" The recent thaw did a beap of damage all over the country, from New Orleans to the ereat lakes. At Washington the l'otomac overflowcd and inundated a portion of the city; at Harper's Ferry, at Philadelpliia, at Allentown, and Milford, Pa., along tli'c Hudson; in Uonnccticut, and clscwhere the flood has done great damagc to property, while New ürleans is half undcr water. But Toledo bears off the palm. The raging Maumee turned its tnuddy waters into wrathful ones, and when the ioe broke last Friday a huge river swept through several of her strecls, carrying away property and filling the cellars of her wholesale and business houses to the immense destruction of property, estiuiated at $2,000,000. At the Island house and union depot, ten feet of water swept in, leaving only the tops of oars and engines to bc seen above the water. At the other depot, wherc the Toledo & Anti Arbor road runs in, water was scveral fcet dcep alao, so that the cars had to stop a bout a mile outside the city. It is almost impossihlü to write up such a catastrophe, and give the public any idea of its magnitude. " Hoer " is the Dutch word for farmer, answering to the Germán " bauer." The Boers of South África are the descendant of the Dutch colonists who settled at the Cape of Good Hope more than two hundred years ago. When the English swooped down upon the Cape Colonu-t, tho Boem left their humes, struck out into the wildcrncs-i, and rc-established themselves in Natal. There tbc Englisb jiursued them. Again they pushcd into the wildernes, and establiwhed tbc Oranje Free State and tbc Transvaal Ke public, (republic be yond the Vaal Kivcr. i Sir Bartcle Frcre, the English Governor , again scized and anncxed thc,m at the time of the Zulu war. Now they are fighting for their in iependence- whicli they deserve if men ever did. It is a pity that Gladstone, in defcrence to the traditional (but inhuman) Brit ish poliey, considera it necessary to coniuer these brave men bcfore acknowledg ing tbcir rights and doinir tbctn justice. From the way they have been fighting of late, it does not look as though there would le many of them left to tnjoy Mr. Gladstone's clcinency after the comiuering in over. „.„.


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