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Death Of Rev. A. M. Cooper

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A brief nolice of the death of liev. A. M. ('niperwas given in tlie Col kier of Jan. L'sth, but the followiox from the San (ireal Monthly. publtshed at Auburo, N. Y., aod sent us by Uov. Samuel W. Duffilild. speaks more fully in reference to the gad event : H1..H1.AMW N. C.,Jaa.t9 . Ml. Pbof. BfKln, -IfrarSir: llv the requit of ray frlend, Mr. A. M. (zooper, mude to me a week go to-day. it 1 my Bad duty, Ihls morning, to write you 01 hixilcath. Hl oor llttle wasted scrap of a Innly Hen burioü her upon theunny lopeof u'f 'ur liill sldcs. iHit bil freed spirit safe wlthln Die Holden gaten. After a week of great sulterlng ir.mi ao av"iP attack of bronchitis, toKfihi-r willi i-xcfssive weaknewi, hcdietl very iu!etly slock, lait Wednesday rvi-nlng, the ivtli. Tlie iimiRually severe weatnnr of the pat iiionlli lian bera very unfavorable to pxr Mr. JHper and tic fallad rapidly. but, iiintead of yieldlng to hls lncreaxliig weakuess, w hls frieuds so iinuli dalTd, lie Upt up and, iy the force of hl strong will, perf(irmei U round of pastoral dutle 1 11 1 two weeks ago tomorro, when he attendcd service twloe. I leel quite siire thal the atlack was tlie remill of ovi-rtaxlug lus sirength, and lie was too wenk to rally agaln. Atflrst, when he reallzcd that the end was neiir hespokeregretfully of hisbroken llfeaml unflulshed work. but it was on ly fora llttle, tor ilh loving lMilernes, God gave hlm Ilie Hweetconsolatlonof thinking that Imtli heiind hls work were in Hls band, who is!" " w'aeto pit. toogpod to ba unkind," and so wlth patiënt reslgnatlon, üe waited tlll Ood oalleil nlin to rest. "SoHeglveth Hls beloved leep ' Thanklng you, for hlm. for yonr kindlyln1.1. m in bu Iieallh and work, . I fim verv reDectfully.


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