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15JU ttudCDts uuw ia attcndance. Prof. Tyler has been recummeDiied for orders in the Episcopal churcb. Toe la class hare finally secured a speaker for the 22i- Qa. Cutoheon. And dow the university coai bio is on a Ie vel with that of a majurityof tbe citizens. Look out fjr the "gnnds" in ihe new Palladium. The boys have some rich ones. Do not forget Laura Dainty at the university hall to-night, assisted by the university musical society. We heard one of the boys sorrowtully remark that the examinations whieh have ju9t closed "were the hardest they ever have had." The shooting club is officered as follows : President, DeL. Parker ; vice-president. Frank F. Wormwood ; secretary, T. W. Sargeant ; treasurer, Chas. T. Brace. Next Friday night the Bernhard Listemann ¦concert company will give one of itsmost excellent entertainmentsat university hall. This is io couplet with Liura Dainiy's entertainment, to-night. The literary Adelphi has chosen the following list of officers : President, David Fe lm ley ; vice-president, E. L. Parmenter ; secretary, C. D. May ; librarían, J. M. Lane ; assistant-librarian, W. Baldwin. J. Clem Eaton, a member of the class of '75, died at Adrián, on Feb. lst, from the effects of diseasc contracted in the Leadville mining district last September. He was an active member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity while in the university, and iiot quite 27 ycars of age when he died One of ihe committeetuen on the univer ¦ oity has confidentially told a daily newspa per reporter that " the university wnn't get tll it wanis this year," and that the boy' gimnasiutn is ihe first to fall Well, if you will only th boyl 'ime ooafh, they will build i( thi-tu-i ;v. s Tli iW gradually increasing th ïuni e' apart for t'iat purpose. The cnnfiileniiiil co iiOJIltef man didn t siy h w motril m re w itild t'e iTut off but intitn ited 'tuin thiaiii The tnemben of 'h-Chi Pi fmt rnitj resident of Detroit, held a banquet ai the Michigan Exchange lasi Friday ev ninir. Tlie fo'lowinp i.fiSo.t-rs were elct d lor rhe en-uiiif! ycar . Pr -ui rn Ilott . 'I I c. W Palui' r piestdc t. Hm Doa M. )iikinson, seoetary, El ioti P. Slucum ; t easurer. Boa. Win H. Wells; exeoatire comaiittee, Hcnry M Duffield, Dr. E P. Christian, and Dr. II F Lyster. At th bnquet toasts were responded to by Drs E P. Christian and H F. Lvster, and Messr-. J. W. l'inney, E. T Sloou-n, H. M. H. A O ju aod Win. H. Wrik The Eveüing Nows Bgures tht it has cost the state $53 lor each student the university has graduat-'d since its establishment. It's our private opinión that tt ihose figures the university has been a paying investmpnt, financially, tosaynothing of its nutnerous other benefits for oot one of these students but has brought more mony than that here. Figuring board at $2 per week- the lowest possiMe figure- for 40 weck, that alone makes $80, a clear gain f $37 ptr year to the state for every forein studeut here. That is to tay, every student in the university from foreign state, adds $37 net to the wealth of the htate every year, just on those fig nres, alone. Isn't it a profitable investment to the state ? More and better figures ¦can be given if necessary, but this illusftrates the point. Miss Ann Reed, a member of the senior , medical class, left her place of residence in i this city last Thursday morning ostensibly I to go to the medical college, but instead of l ... li ii ; O ik p: a;e t Orino, hi r hume, m Oakland d.. on the line of the Detroit and Biy City R. R. Friday morning near a bridge at the inlet of Orion lake, over which she had to pass to reach the residenee of her folks, was found her cloalc, and sonie other apparel. In the pocket of the former was found her purse ontaining $1.70, and a short note to her niolher, sta'ing that it was imp'is-ible to be in h wori ]la -e ttiun iliis a d rhfel .si t' must Dot itiOuro il fi il i' all rigfit. A few 1 y - afterwwH er n 'y iva ' umi in .li ¦ i . t ¦ lieri h iliow ¦ .1 i.i it. Her ii.o lnT riii 'iviiu her. wuli hw dUK"er, and theie can be but one czplanatiiiti, and that is by bard atudy she had becoiue temporarily insane. She was one of the best studfn's in the c'a-a ; always prompt, and xtood high niiiong her classiuate and fncuUy alike. Her age was 27 yenrs. Mr-". Reed, her mother, it is naid is very much bri)kuo by the shock, and at ono time it was feared she c;uld not recover from it. The ca?e is indeed sad, as the young lady was very promising, and bid fair to makc n success of her profession.


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