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The Detroit, Butler & St. Louis Railroad

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Charle H. Ellis, chief-engineer of the Detroit, Butler and St. Louis R. R. has just completed-a l.irne map ot' the road, which i-i admirable in all rcspec.K The pointsfor l lie stations havi' II been seleeted and liav been givos lo spots wliich will, in tlii' ücaí future, be i r.n-í i m '1 l'roui nii-ri' IkiIiíiil' place in the wikhK tu tliriv ing villages ; wliile the vilUgfs nnw in ex i-tfin-e alonr tlie line alrcady feel the un petot wliii h iliis outli't will gve thein When tlio -tii'ioiir. have heen eftablixhed at p-miiIm at wlm-li no Mtlletueot novf ei sts, thcy have been nanfnl in honor of prominent cuíteos living in the neighborbood, or eootribttUag liberally to the road nuiít of llii' sclcction ut' the site for ture villaje. The sfVions are as fol!ow-, and duteMM aro givon froui the i iiund Trnok Junetioa : l'i, miles. Naiiied in hfimot ti floto. Ceo. K. Hand, of Detroit. Roiuulüs Junctton - 17 mile. Crossing of l'lnii k Pere Maruette Uailway, and a poiot whicB will pniliably d a lare bOH nes. JJi-lleville- 21 1 miles. Willis - 26 1/2 miles. This is the first station in Washtenaw County, is in Augusta township, and is named in honor of Willis L. Potter. As there is a ''Potter" on the Wabash line the given name of Mr. Potter was selected. Milan .;. unir-. Thia i the pros sinc oftke Toledo Aun Arlor H. Jí., and U the i ¦¦ iiül Rhcte tlit; HutliT road now trpeires all cara running over their line letween Detroitajid Xoliïdo. Britton'- 44? milos llolluway - .'()' mili'-. JuekwM lirancli tfOMÍHg - .")-i miles. Ailri;m 'i' miles. 'rinirljrr ' 6 ; Uiiles. 'J'he louation of tlii station imt alolutely determioed iipon, and ander oeruia powibte oircura K will ti' fluincil. riftitlTs 7! niilo. Tola toree miles due Dorth of Moreaci, wad Mimctimr-i callcd " Nurtli Mnri.-nc.-i." IflanehanTa -77' luilea "fhis piaoe, wliich is two inili-s nnith of KayettP. O., is contiguo tO sialr line. Mili ('ri'ilk 84j mili--. I hr tiüiue ot this place, whii'li is tlif H ¦ r-t itoppÏBg puitlt in Ohio, will probable ohanged to Al erdou. Mootpefier 05 mili -s. Situatéd at the nier ui' Williüiiin Co., O., and un tiio abandonad line ol the Canada Southern K li. noatpalier lias iiu-ffcctually atK'inptcil lo beoowe tbe county Kat, tiiat distioctioD now beJongioB to Bryan, which is iu the aouthern range of tawmbipa. The advent f the Butler road lias ven tliis jjfcee n wondcrt'ul jjrilWt'i a"'l tnc i'xpci-i tn i-arrv thi'ir point next vrur. íH "%A ¦' - lMakóloy -1(L'! railes. Butler- 112] le Thu u the ter iiiinii -. ¦ 1 rod nader ooDstrnetioB, tbe eroamig af ñhmti it MiuhiKan Soutltern K II , aml juuction witb the Ivl Ilivi-i K. I! , whirli is NMMMetrag link witli tbc Wuliaah. The road a.s built in Lhree aud a hall miles IniiL'ii iliin :i" ''¦-¦'¦¦'¦,." "'",, i nc oiny (IctlexiüM re at the Kiver tvouge, when, al'u-i pa.iag tbroagil the yard at at iheQntad Trank Juoetion road Krat strikt - , at ISi'lloville ; at Adrián, a curve is ncoeasary on eaoh eide of the city, and at the St. Jojepb river, wlieie au offset is made to take the grade of the ibandoned Canada Southern line iliroub MoDtpelicr, tbe original line be ing reronied near Butler. Theie au; ten mile.iof raditi U) lie don'In ! ween li'iiftitlis and Adrfan, and five miles gndinx fiawbed between Cïriflith aii'l Klanelianl whieli ia ready for the i ron, and iipon which track layiiif; HJ'IOIICIMJIII. When this i done conatrootiofl will have (o uitil warmer weather pei m the un finished (radiiu to be done.