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Zach. Chandler's Seat

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The Washington Kvc-ning Star publi-he the fbltowina : " Before fenator-ulivi Co(jer lelt lor Michigan, peuöüng the senatorial -anvass in thal ¦lato, lic dropped in on Mr. Isaac rt, of tbc senate, and requestcd that, In MM headvised Inin bv telegraph thal he had reorirod the cauous nouiinatiou, be desirod to liavc tlie ;at tbnuerly occupicd by Senatot CbaidlmnMrved forhiin. Uwas not lont; at'ter Mr. (Jonger was noniiiiated before tbc ti-lcgraph advised Mr. Bassett of the l'act, ari'l aocordingly, Mr. Congcr's name was put down for the scat. It )id hardly been rc-orvcd, howcver, beforo Senator Conklwf Mtid : " Mr. Baasett, I want von to reserve exSenator ChtwUer'l scat lor Mr. l'latt, who seo DominMed by iJn Now Vork logialature for the senatc." "Th ieat'i reserred," dd Mr. Has" Wlin's got it?" .said Mr. ('onklinx" Mr. ('onger, of Miclni.'aii." ws the reply. 'JJywbal a.ulliorily do voa roaerve a at for Mr. (Joager?" said Mr. ConkliDj?. "ThiUtheautbority," siidMr. Hasselt, ;il the MUM time hamliog the New VmL Siiiator the dispatch announciog (Jonger' election, coupled with the requcH for the scat. Tkw Niü-li'-d tlio Nfw Jfork Scuator and hi' walked off. Tbc conversatiou betwaen Mr. Hassett and Mr. Conkliuj; bad liardly ceaaed when Mr. Ihiwlcy, ol ('uiiuei tiout, uut of' brcatu, tiild Mr. ÜUtttl In' bal fait boen notificd of his senatoiial elcctinii and be wanted ex Senator Chandler'i eat. "U'.s gner" said Mr. Bascett, andan cxplanation l'ollowed. When Mr. C'onger returoed trom Mi'ln 'ai), 'tu. llawley said to biui : " 11 ow is it tliat you, away out in Micliian, can gat ¦ good eat in the 8enate, while 1, beiaf bcre on the ground, was kit'" " Well, GeaenL" aid Mr. Conger, " wheii you are a uandidate tor the senate ¦gain, ostead of having your frienJs telegraph of your election, telegraph younelt', at once to Isauc Bassett, and you wil] save time and pet a good seat."


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