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Employment For Girls

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l'r. J. (. Holland in Soribuer'i Monthly, nut long ago called attcntion to the large nuuiber of' wouien n tkii country, who are studying art, paisting uortraits. liistorical picture, or fl iwers nn china, in the vaio lmpe ot'earning a livclihixl, wlio liever had earned a dollar. He proposed as a substituto tor these attempts, w.iod ungravin?, staling tbat iben wak i-iin-'atit (leu)a',d in tlns braoeh of art tiirwurk nut only of the fine-t quality, l;ui the niot mlt'iior. uch : bill heads and IxirltT f'nr pages, etc, etc. We know I tht Dr.-iiollamTa Maiemeot are trne. Younjf iris and wmnen are to-day curninft a comfortablc living in NVw Yon, Thiladelphia and ítiston lv -nraving ÚMM comniODplace but nocosiary doiens, while üthers uiuie aiubiliou, ait uioiitli at'ter ; tuonth in their studios, with their land scapes and genre pictures without a buyer. It ia pitiful tosee the eaerness with which these would bc artista aieze upoti each oew Iopulr faocy, and flood the markct with VMM painted horseshoes, necklaccs or pearl hells, all in vain. The cause offailure with most wonicn is that they aim too high. A girl, belyoging to a family of straightened iiicans, wishes to do someihiog to earn her own living. She is riffht. N'o true wouian is content to beeome a weight upon an ld. hard-worked father or wunj: broihen wlm hmm day wijl wisti to uiarry. Now, fox a boy f nu dootded tal ent or skill therc are a thousand coni!inn place ways ot oarning bis bread. Only a very few uien ol' genius succeed as authors, nr aituts. liut a giri fliei at only thr high uiarks. Shc writcs poeuis or cusays fur the best magazine ; or he studies art and opens a studio, She would Teel nsulted il' you akovld tiKot to her that she engrave maps or adrerÜMDf carda, or desig'n carpeta. Thcrc are niany woiiicn writing wretclicd trash fbf the papers, one article out of a hnnilred leinK acoepted, wjio could earn a gtxxl iocotna )y sóndiog pies and home made [nekles into the tuarkets. TIn ra are -tarvin artils whn.-e piotures will never lind puieliasir, but wliose luts are maiveU ot lcauty. I5ut who shall darc to hint that nature intcoded thcin tor oookt ot ¦illiaert? Tbe true courtte for a girl is to consider - as her brother has- what she ean do best. In that line and ni


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