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Tom Ochiltree

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Tuin Oeliiltrec, wlio ih uitieh U'loved of (cucral rnt, is tcbaracter in WaHhinKtoo. Aniiini! ilic nuiutTous good lories to!d ttbwezpeoiK ia the followiog : He had juct arrivcd in New York one winter trom Europa and was t'airly resplendcnt in a new nvcn-oat and la very elegant M!alkin i-;i . Ho was talkwf wit li gome lïiond.sin a hotel lobby, ainl (mu ui ilieui expiessed (coat udmiratimi Por 's cap. "Why, (luie nuUe Rule bistory eómeeted with dial rap, ' saiil Ooliiltrce ; " ihat m fjivcn me liy a l'Vrncli BO'nnteW. Such h deur li'lle iMialinc, sn tjewitrliiri'ly hmídsoim', and cliarujing cvury wuv. Well. . """ hvi hi I iris, bod she lell III lnvti witn mr at unce, mid wliile 1 MM there I M a graat deal f ber. She male inc scveral very liandsoine presents. wliicdi I will sliow you scime time, and kmoog thein wys dus llKt." ( )ue ol his t'riends, whu l'ad becouic ]iiitc Otereited in tlie hat by thia time, took it offOohiltree's hcad, and there, pa-ted in the top of' it, was a trade mark with "Kikii, halter," printed on it. "Look here, Toni," eried his friend, "how is this? Here is 'Knox, liaiti r, in the top of your hat. " Oehiltrce did not allow hiii)ell'to be disciineerted by any litlle trade nmiL. &o be answercd very promptly : ''Why, just as we were coming into the doek, the otlier mom ing, my cap blew off into the water, and was recovered by a smail boy who stood on the doek and sa thf accident. I took it up to Knoz to have it repaind, and they have had the I blanked impudence up there to paste in 011e of their labels, l hadn't notieej it beton, "


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