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Husband And Wife

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The sacred art and royslery of' living (ogetber as liusband and wife ! It touches the deepest spmus of human tMpMMM and success. Whtio tbc novel reaches ts last ehapter, when the wedding-day crowns the happy story of' love and courtship, then begins tor man and wouian tlif real test of what they are ; thep is tbrown upon their own hands the question of' what the future is to be. In a truc maniagc the swcet season of roiiiancc that precedes the brida! day is but the harbinger of better things to come. It is like the grapc blossom filling the air with fragrancc wliose swift season heralds the grape that -hall through the long suuiiner drink the juice of the nio, and be harveated in tbe vintage for a ministry of gladness and lite. But tbc secret is easily mis.-cil. It is missed oftenest, probably, thiougb the man's lault. The fir.-t and great lessou of mari'iagc is that the thought nf anotber is to couio beforo the thought ot' Kelt'. The revelatioD wbicb true lovc uiakcs isthis: One sces in anothcr soul sueb beauty and that its service is preferrcd to the service of self. No ciaotion whicli lacks this high scntiuient dcwrvcs to be called love. The desire of Hiv,ion, tbe longing fur intiuiatc and habitual conipanionship, these come in, too, and make a pirt. liut liigher than these tbcre i.-; that complete aml joyful sclfsurrcudcr in whicb a woiuan apuai - n lovely to man that to makc her happy locomes his strougest desire ; and a woman secs in a man sueh nobility thal ¦ eau gladly devote her lile to bini. That in the luftinefM and rapturc of trun love. To many and many a haupy pair of lovers H cuines, at least as a passing mood. All depend for tlu'm on whether tbeir future taken its kejfDote froui that wbicb consecrates lbid mood. lts rapture and ecstacy may pass, but tbe selfforgetting look upon another Soul, the glad preference ot another above self, has in it the stuff t lint sbould outlast the wear and lear of time. It is a thread meant to lie wovcn into the webof eternity.


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