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How To Make Fern Pictures

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Tlicrc aro two ways - tbc mechanica! and the photographical. For the tirst, take a sheet of strong, white paper, and with an atütuizer pass over it a spray of vcry dilutd inucilage, so as tu übtain a vcry (kin and nligbUf nücking tilín, which wil] nukc theteros adlierc ut whiuh it is desired (o mákc tbe picture ; or the mueiluge may bc put oa wilh a Htifl' toolb brush wet with it aod drawn acroM the back ot' a knile, or sonioiIiimk of the kind, (O cause the lújuid to fly oft ia minute drops. Tbc l'crns and leaves uiust have been tiit pre&acd in a bouk, and alter arraiiging tbeui to tuit your taste, cause thcin to lic as closcly to tbc paper as powihie ; lili anatouiizcr with vcry dilutcd India ink aud blow a spray over the ferns, more or lesa in proportion a.s you want a ilarkor or lightcr lulde, or the color zna.v bc put on as directed for the uucilage. It is well todo this with DtermisñÓDS, lettiug it dry a little, ao as to avoid etc uioLsture and posaibiilty ot' running tbc lijuid into drop. WIhii nearly dry, but still a little uioist, remove the t'erns, which may be used oer ajfain severa! times. For the photographic method, cover a sheet of paper with a week solution of aalt in water aml omc white ol' an cgg, well bcateo ; aftel it is dry take it rato a dark room, and with a tuft ofcotton pass oyerit a solution ot' nitrato of sil ver (filty grains to an ounce of water) ; dry it in the dark, aml tbc coat of chloride of sil ver foruied nn iis surfacc will receive the iuiirc.sion. Thcn arrangc your fcru.s between lwo platos ofglas, aba out the paper to the same -izo as the glass platea ; place it uuder llicnj and exposé to the sun, in tbc (ame way as a photographer prints a portrait. Wateh it uut 1 1 ilark cnough, and beloie reiiinving the paper Iroui (he glaw takc it iqtO a dark ru.nn. licre place the piotnrt in a solutiou of bypoeulpbite of soda, which will diMolvt the ohloride of silver, but leave the decomposod material -tinely divided black silver) wliich forms the black background, while the shadow of the kavel will bc


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