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Declivity Of Rivers

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A ven li(lit declivity suflioes tu{?ive tbc runuiuK iuchíud to water. Three oche! per uiile iu a suiooth, .straight chaonel nivea a veloeity ol' about tbree luile per buur. The Uangcs wbich gatlier the water of the Iliuialaya uioiintaiqa, tlie lolt iet iu the world, is at 180 uiile troiu its moutb only 800 foet above the leve] of the sea, uud to lall these 800 feet iu i la long eourse rquire more than a month. The greal ti ver Miedalcn, ni Soulu Atucne, runuin lar tliou-bii'l miles leiwo;u to ruine of the Anden, tall.s nnly 500 t-t in II thatdisunce; above thecunu'ureun'iit of ihe l,(XHi inilc' it is esn ilcsoeüdiog n ra)ds tml cataraets frem Che paottotuna. Vb L'igautic l.iodc la l'lala has so jfontle a dèfoent to tlie ocean llmt ia l'a.-aiiuay, 1,500 miles from its tuouth, lare shipl have Ixoii m.'ii whicli havo Wtled igajosl ihe eurrent all the way by the Rrm of the wind alone- thal H t say, whieh, on the heautif'ul ioclincd plañe of the streaiii, Ikivíiii? been lil'ted by the soft wiod, tod 8?en I against the current, to an elevad. n grcUr j that of our loí'tiest apires.


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