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A Bird's Wit

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Sume time siiipe, wliile ridiitg slowly along a iusty tuauadamized road, I was startled by the hurried flipht close by niy aide of a sinall biri, which dropped in tho road a lew paces altead, and wilh a flutter in tlte 'lust sat perl'eetly motionle I drew up uiy hore to watch evettt-, when ¦¦ iitoitient latera bawkswooped bjf bot nu- ol la iiirv und wontort intoan adjoininp titlil lite r.parrow niiiaint'd stil! in ii plat-t, nd all covered wtth dunt, lm.Lu.l (ir all tlie wotld like onepf the many loóse Btpo mi tmich so, tltat Do'wottder it .hould buve ertuaped the sharpsightot' the hawk. lint one explanatiou ot' -ucli a freak seeiued possible; and when we reflect that these birds generally flee to tbe bushes and licbenspotled rail fences, wben pursued by hawks, and that dust is not a constant factor of the environment, we stop to admire so bright a spark of int&lligence kindled


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