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Statistics For Girls

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A young English statistician wlio was aying court to a young lady thought to urprtM her with his immentse erndition. 'rodueing his notebook, sbe thought he was aoouc to loaito a love sonnet, Dat was Iiühtly taken aback by the following iueaion : " How many meáis do you eat ewry day?" " Why thrce of course ; bat of all the oddest qucstions - " " Nevcr mind, doar; I'll teil you all bout it n a moment. " ilii pencil was rapidly at work. At last, 'ondly clasping her slender waist : " Nqw, uiy darlinp, I've got it, and if' ou wish to know hovr mucli h;is pi liat adorablo little tuouth in the laai - een yearn, I can givo jou the exact figures. ' ' " Goodness graciüus ! What can yon mean ? " Nowjn-it lisien," taya ka, "and yon will hear exactly what you have been obliged o absorb to uiaintain those charms which re to make the happiness of iny lile. " " But I don't want to hear." " Ah, you are surprised no doubt ; but tutistiis :irr wunderlul thines. JuHt listtii: 'ou are now Heventeea years oíd, so that n tuteen years you have absorbed - oxen r calves, 5 ; heep and latnbs, 14 ; chkkntt, 327; ducks, 204; geese, 12; turkeys, (Kl ; gamo of various kinds, 824 ; li-hes, 00; eggs, .i, 1 20 ; vegetables, (bun-i 00; baskets fruit, 003; cheeso, 103 iread, cake, etc, in saeks of flour, 40; wine, (barrel), II ; gallons of water, 3,000. At tliis the Diaiam revoltea, aml juinpng up, exclaimed : " I think you ara very impertinent, and iagostiog hcsiile, and I will not btay to istentoyou!" upon whieh she flew into be boaaa. " If sha kept tnlking at that rate, twelve ïours out of twenty-four, her jaw would in wenty years travel a distanoe of 1,"32,124 liles." The maideo, within two monín, niart;d a wellto-do green grocer who wa m tatistieian. II' you would bo capable, cultívate yrnir tuind ; if you would be lovad, eultiU. our heart.


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