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A Woman's Curiosity

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A crtaiii lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fcllows deteruiined to liave thuir lodge ruoiu done up nice and clean. It was resolved unaniuiously that Mr?. K. should be oniployed to do the job. After the meeting had adjourned the guardián who knew ol Mrs. K., got a billy goat and placed him in the úlottt that wa.s kept as i reservoir tor the secret things. He then inibrmed the lady of the wishes of the lodge, and reciiesteil her to OOBlti early thu next murniii and he would then show her wiiat wm, aud what was not to he ¦ I n Morning cmi-, and with it caiue Mrs. K... with her b.-ooui, brushes, pafl, tuh.-i, ele., and found the guardián waiting tbr her " Now, madam," said lie, " I will teil you wbat we want done atxl how we oamc ft emolo; yon. The brothors said it was difficuK to get anybody to do the. job, and nut be meddling with the secret in tl et ; we have lost the key and cannot to lock the door. 1 a.s-.ured theui that you could be depended upon." " Impended upon ! I gue.-s I can. My poor dead and gooi; hunband, he belonged to tha tree ma.-ons or anti inaons, I dou't know which. He used to teil me al! the secrets of the concern, and when he showcil :ill the marks il' the grtdtrao, inado wh:n he w;isimti;Ui-d, md told me huw they fixed poor Morgan, I na Ter told a living soul to thi.s uay ; it' nobody Iroubles your closet to find out your secrets till I d", they will be tbare till they rot, they will." "I thought bo," said the guardián, "and now 1 want you to imnoienee in that cárter and give the room a thorough rle:in ing, atiJ I pfedge my word and honor to the lid-.liiy ot your f" ioto Uiatcloset;" and then he let) tlie 1 .idy to berSir. No poorter had she heard the sound of nis feet oo the last of the atcpa tdan .h bxclaiioed : " ' Doo't go iato that closet !' I'll warrant there's a gridiroo, or tomt BOUiense, just like the M4HUMM fitf all the world, 111 bc bound. I will take one eep, and no body will be the wistr as I can keep it to myself." Stepping lightly to the forbiddeo closet she turned the button, whieh was no sO'in er done than 'bah-hl" went the billygoat, with a spring to regaia his hbtriy, which came near upsetting her lailyhip. lioth started tbr the duor, Imt it was ftlled with impleinents for house cleaning, and all were swept fromtheir position to the fbol of the Ktairs. Ttie noise and confusión occasioned by sucb an uncerctuonious coming down the stairs drew half the town to witness Mr. K 's efforts to get out from under th pile of tub-t, puiN, brooius and brushes in the street. Who should be first io the door but that rascally doorkeeper. After releasing the goat, which was a cripple tor lite, and uplifting the rubbish that bound the good woman to the earth, he anxi.ui-ly inquired if she had been taking the degrees. " TnUing thp flperocs I" exclainied the lady, "if you cali tumbling down froni top to boftom of the stairs with the devll'after ye, taking thiogs by degrees, I have tliem, and if ye frighten folksas ye frighteued me and hurt them to boot, I'll warrant they'll make as much noise as I did. " I hope you did not open the closet, madam," said he. " Open the closet I Eve ate the apple she was forbiddea. If you want u woman to do aoything, teil her not to do it and she' 11 be sure to do it oertain. I could not stand the temptation. The secret was there. I wanted to know it. I opened the door, and out popped the tamal critter right iüto my face. 1 thought th old boy had me, aud I broke for the door with the critter buttiog me at every jump. I feil over the-tub aud down stairs as you fouud us all in a heap." " I?ut, madam," said tho dooriceeer, " you are in possession of the great secret of our order, and now you must go up to be nitiated, and ihen go in, iu tbc regular way. " "Regular way!" exclainied' the lady, and do you supposo I am going near that tamal place and ride the tamal critter without a bridle or lady's saddle. No, never I I don't want nothing to do with the man that rides it. l'd look nice perched upon a billy-goatwouldn't I 't No, never I l'llnevor go nigh it again, nor you sbant nuther- il' lean prevent it, no lady shall over joio the Odd Fellows. Why, l'd rather be a Free Mason and be broilod on a gridiron as long as a tire could be kept under it, and rulled from garret to cellar with a halter, in a pair of old breeclies and .slippers, just as my poor dead husband, and he livod oviir it, but I never could live over soch another ride as I took to day."


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