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Golden Words

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Tl) uian that dures traduce, bteause h san Wllh imlely to hlmself, la not a iuiiu ; aii Individual I a saered mark, Not lo be plercetl tu play or la the dark. - Cowpi r. lie rltber fiar M fate too much, Or til8 deserta aro niiihII, Who fears to put It to the tuuch And win or lose It all. Evll Is wroughx }y the want of thougln As well a ty ttie wunt of heart. -Hood. Care to our coflln atH nnll, no doubt And every grln, o merry, draws one out. J.ilm Wolcou. Avoid that which you see amiss in olh ers. You bocorue none the vüit t'or l ing dispraised.- Thomas A. Ketnpis. Never excuse u wrong action by sajing some one else dues the saaie thia;. I have lived lo thanlt God that ail mv prapm have not beeo answercd. - JmU) n íelow. He that will bslieve only what he can "ully comprehend, must h.ivc ;i very lonr lead or a very short creed. - Colton. I canoot praise a fugitirc and cloistered virtue, uneierciscd and unbreathcd, that íevor salües out aud sees ber adver.ary. Uikon. Let it not be thought that tbe life of a good G'liríatian uiust ueee.-isarily be a life of nelancholy and loominess, Cor he mily n - signs some pleasures to enjoy oiliers nti nitely belter.


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