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Winning Him Back

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Oní of the travelersfor a new, fresh drj goods houe arrived at a town in the in terior of the state, to find that one of hi best custouiers was about to transfer hi custom to a Boston home. " Didn't we always do well byyou?' askcd the New Yoiker a-i lie sat dowo fb an explanation. " Yes, I believe so. " ' Dido't we ship good promptly ?" " And did weever press you o a pinch?' " No." " üid you get lüwer pnces of the Boston house?" " No, I can't sayas I did." "Then I OM't undcrstand wliy yoi sbould leave our house all of' a sudden alte buymg of us for severa! yrs. " " l know that tone explanation is duo and 1 willmakeono," replied ihe merchant " Vou know that 1 attend cliutch?" " Yes, and so do I. " " Do you ? I didn't know that. I am looked upon as a Christian.' ' " So .1111 I. l'vegot thedate of iny bab tism right here in my notebook." '' Is that so? Well, ourchurch is in neei of repair.-. W'o were talking it over tht otherdsy, whon Boston drummer wa in hcre, and he at onee subsoribed fin." " 'IVn dollars! Wliy that's only two kegs ot' nails ! Put me down lor $30 oacli a new silk hat lor every season, and a ful suit of clothes for the minister. " Do you really mean it?" "Of course I do; and if tint 2 cent Christian froni Boston darcs sign anotber $5, l'll send you down a $600 church orao, and pay a man $.100 per year to play it. We are a house which never makes an great display of gospel hymns and religious iraet", but when a Boston drummer bluffs wc show our religious hand and take in the pot every time." The merchaut will still continue to deai


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