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Dundee wants 50 new houses. (uiunesce is to have water works. (,'larkston ba a new banking office. And Ludingtin wantssalt wells too. The Marshal cornet band has bustcd. Tliey are to try to strike brine at Cheboygan. Hy all means let us have an "Arbor day. " In Michigan B. C. stands for Bittle Creek. Vassar is to build a $3,500 addition to its union school house. Néteon & Holland of BayCily, lost $30,000 by the Toledo flood. Salt on the brain that's what ails the Manistee papers and people. Sain'l A. McOoskey formerly bishop ot this diocese, is now living in Ueroiany. Ilowell folks are having their usual wrangle over the loeation of the post office. President Fiske thinks Albion college ought to have an endowment of $1,000, 0(K). And now Ionia hankers arter a new temple of justice. " Well, build it," the county will say. Detroit papers are engaged in adverlisiug their deus of' vice. Tliey have plenty of them, it seein?. The Grass Lake News thinks strawber ries will be more plentiful than ever before, the coming season. The first Baptist church at Benton Harbor was burned last Friday. Loss, $15,(XD insurance, $0,000. The Midland Sun isa new paper just publi.-hcd by Frank S. Burton who recently mild uut iic I u'lr pcmit ii t of' that place. The nuniber of students entered at the agricultural college, at Lansing, which "i.onol thij tooolt. execeds all nrevious years. L iui-i llumphrey, of Colnmo, Bcrrien Co., was killed last Saturday by being thrown frou a sleigh. He left a fauiily of 13 children. February 23d was the lat day for the introduclion of bilis in the leu-ilaturp, and only abuut OQa fourth as uiany as last session was intruduced. There ia a colored woman at Marshall whose skin is turning white, they claim. In a few year.-t she niay be classed '"wid dem ar' white trasli. " Au Sable and Oscoda talk of " jinin' " hands, becoming one, and then asking the legi.-lature for a inarriago certifícate in the shape of a city charter. Don Henderson rays that an ordinary person cannot teil the differenee between the crazy wouien in the Kalatuazoo asylum and the sane ones outside. The sportsmen association wants a law passed forbidding the shuotinr of game on Sunday. That's right. Give the poor creatures one day of peace. It is stated that Flint is to have a new postoffice building. It is to be erected on ihe corner of Saginaw and Uuioa streets. Pretty far down it would seem. During the month of January, at the Reed City land office, 2,696 acres was proven up, 1,390 acres of homesteads located, and 377 acres of land sold fjr cash. The .Monroe farmera along the Raisin river are takingthe large cakes of ice which the up left on dry land, and storing them for use in warm weather. Sensible farmers. , Newaygo whisky so stupiGed a farmer named Delano, last Friday night that he was overeóme on his road home by the cold, and froze to death. Moral . Let whisky also. The farmers all over the state who buried potatoes, apples, etc, have grave fears of losing the same. The cold weatlicr has frozen the ground to the depth of four to six feet in localities. TheMiningGazettesays: "Nothingbut a rough head-stone, shaped from a boulder, with no iosorjptioo, marks the grave of poor Felter, at Sault Stc. Marie, the di.coverer of iron ore up iiere. " A Saginaw paper claims that D. H. Mooney, a printer of that burg, had his pocket picked of $120 at Toledo, a few days sincel A printer 1 had$lü(i! rtolenl Nn-no-o ! It eannot, cannot be ! The city marsbal of Charlotte swoops iown ou the small boy who dart to even look side-ways at a pair of bobs ailing by. I 'oor boys ; its too bad. Almost comea under the head of cruelty to animáis. A BattleCreck mau paid four dollars cxpresa charges un a smal I package the other day, and od opening it found a ham. The profanity he uttered at the trick covers two pages o the book of life. - Albion Recorder. . The F. k P. M. R. R. Co., hasjustcnn tracted lor three uew propellers, of 900 tona burden and to cost $120,000 each. They are to run between Milwaukee and Ludington. Chicago better ' look a leedle oudt." Appropriations fnr 'he new school for (he blind re.tches $37,000. No location i-elected yet. Ihe chice is paid 10 lay between the eities of Bay City, Port Hurón, Eaet Saginaw and (iiand Rapids. The latter ought to liuve itout ol 'that competition. The meeting of the grand lodge of odd fellows at Grand Rapids last week defeated a [.ropo-ilion to reduce reprosentation ; increased the erand secretary's salary frotn $800 to $1.200; elected and installed oew officer8 ; and agreed to uieet next year at Lmsing. At Decatur, the Republican says, the teachers esubfished boxt-s for the children to use in sending their valentinos, but some of the silly and t'oolixh children took advan tage of tbe ocea.-ion and sent indecent ones, so they don't propone to accommodate the children any more that way. Plymouth department, Wayne Counry Review: VV. H. Wherry basa curioMty in the shape of a lamb. Inslead of being covered with wool it is covered with coarpe hair like a dog. In color it ia something like Joeph's coat, being black, white, yellow, etc, It was brought here from Perrinsville. The Adrián Times claims that the first ailroad in Michiican, and the pioneer road of the west, was called the Krie & Kalamaoo, and ran between Adrián and Port Iawence (now Toledo). It was run by horse ower about a and by locomotives ibout sii iiionths before (lie Michigan Cen ral opened for business. They tar and feather a man out atCedar ¦íprings forsimply knocking his wife out of Ja store, and calí him a "jail bird candíate " and " the meanest man in all the own." IIow particular they are. What o souie men get wives for but to kick 'em roun.l and knock 'era down when they wantto? Who's got a better right? A bilí is before the legislature which proide for detaching the city of Detroit and lie towntthips of tlamtratnck, Grosse Point, liringwells and Grccnfield, and calling hém "the city and county of Wayne." 'In1 remaining townships and citiea to be inown a.s the county of Wayne. In the vut pi the succens of tbe bil], the Wyanotte llerald pushes the claim of that city 'or the county seat.


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