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A Surprise And Presentation

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On Mooday last, taking advantage of the bcautiful day and the excellent sleiging, the ladies decoration society under directionof the president, Mrs. K Moore, took a sleighrido to the residonce of Andrew Sraith. Arriving, during their absence and finding the doors locked, there eeeuied to be a prospect of a disappointed surprise party on the porch without the privilege of warming by the bitting room stove, but before they had hardly noted the absence of the president, she came and unlocked the door from the inside and gave them a cordial welcome to the home of her friend, Mrs. Smith. She had affected an entrance in real burglar iashion through a back window. Half an hour after the family returned and were met by a hcarty welcome from their unexpected guesta. The afternoon passed pleasantly and a surprise for one of their number was made manifest in the shjpe of a beautiful autograph album. Mrs. Moore presented the gift in behalf of the society, in the following words : "Mus. Pikrc Piense accept thls little token of respect from the lmlliaof the decoration society, feellng aa we do, that to you belongs h11 the aonor r orlxlnatlng and of organizlng our little Roclety. In your fraln and heart was concelved the plan of erectln a monument 10 the memory of our fallen héroe of the late reuelllon, ivml formlng a society to wreath lt wlth flowers and vlnes, hetlewed by the teart of affoctlonaif ni'inory of the departed. Wlth yon as our leader, every year we have sacredly kent ¦ Memorial Day' !$¦ iisklng our friend to unlte wlth us In vlsitlnu the monument, andof entwlnlnu lt wlth flowers, mlngleü wlth the sweet volee of the children ülnglnK patrlotlCBOiiK, asklng our noluhbors to lay aslile the care of hiislnes tor iue day In the memolinl Hcrvlce of thOM who so nolily ly down thflr llves on tlu altar of freeilom. Ouïht we O ftMrnl our inition's martyr? ('" they be foisotteu m long as be, who beara UMHored of mother, llves 10 innurn Dielr los? The album contained tbc following in seription, beautifully written by I'rof. I I:iines : "There'H no RrniuliT tent I men I toan thls. Mfeconslsu In llvlnu' lor is It not Indeed true. tliat wh kind word i the falrext flower of Hprlngllme, and eaoh blesed daad u the sweetest lovllnesa born of suramer's duratlon." To Mrs. N. II. Piaros, towhom for o many year lt ha leeii a plfiwure In iiicmory of the heroio umi Uunented ilend to mier brave and helpfUl word, and perform noble and prat worthy deeda,we, ber Itlends, in humble token of our sincere apprerliition of lier coorse o diity present to lier ililsglft, l)elievlnt? tliat l will bereoelved In the same tender spirit ii wliU'li II Isoflered. PreteoVed Keb. IStb, ikm.' B. Moorc, preldenl ; M. SaabOlt nd A. I.ovc Joy vlee-preshlinis; N. Hlioai, secreUiry ; C' "stHiit. treaaarer; A. Wood, K. Kisher, A dates, A. .1. Sanndi'rs, B. ('urtls, K. reien, N üally and U Mill.-a Tho surprise and delight of the recipien was complete, and, as mal, word so ready to commend on other occasions failed on thi-. Tears aro of'ien morcexpressive, an( sprinfi spontaneou.-ly t o the eye, when th tonguc vainly staninicrs forth a response t the evidencc of such kindness and tovc Like a band ofaiaten these ludios have kep together, neithor inereisin or decreasing i nutnber, but ever ready to lend a helpin hand where their services are oeeded b the living, as well as to corumomorate th noble dead. " May their tJiadow nevc Lrnwless."


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