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Pearl Wedding

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The followiDg account of a peail wedding U clipped froiu an lonia paper and published by renuest. Thccouple ibrtueily rcsided o tliis city, and have niany relativcs in the county : An pvent of morethan ordlnary Intaraal m oalabratad in Orleans lust Saturday evenlng, January 'Min, the occasion heing tli tMIrtleiM mni eisary oí t Me marriage of Mr. Jolm L'ollinu aml Mis Mary Stark. Asthis was to i a surprise. Inrltattona were nent out to thelr more intímate tnU aiid neiMtmrs. whlch were well reKMiiiled to. Rome, liowevei, on account of tleKIMM prertooi enu:ements, or othergood raaaotM, se n( i tifi i " tercls," and expresslous of' cotigratulallniM " and "well-wlithe " for thelr hitar Ttw oompMjr bcgan to assemble aboal sevafi o'ctock, IIM host hik! hostess raeaiVlOK witll moeti ¦urprtaa, aad yel wlth iiiohi agramóla mamitis ihoir nnexjieeled piMU Alter frlcnriK had abont all arrlved, mul nou Lima wasorcupled In pieaxnnt cniillin Hou, HM Hlliple lunch il lil ril ule-t. TIn was lollowed ly soine remarks by liev. W. II. Ware, us follows : Wc have met, dear frlemls, tlns evrmug to coiiKratulHte our excellent host aml amlabl Monteas on the return of auother annlvt'mary of the happldt ini liirkiest ilay of thelr HveH. It Is not ev'ry inarried pair who have such h surplus of uitent mul comfort on hunda: lhend of a thlrty yenrs term of ilouble-Wes.-.iru"s. n l.s ilu tlmt Aru-iiHis Ward onoeaMkel Hl 'IkIikiii YouilK ' liow Me llkeii inatrllii'iny as lar ai his xpanaDcc waatTThaprophatmada no rcply. V ara we to ask our frlend ('olllns t tía samo question, I am sure he would anawaf tMat " mnrrlage In the suin of temporal liappiiimm," and that the etlinalle imiy ly liisside would sinilt' a svvrct absent lo tllis drclsion. ( Vi tai nly our dear frlendx ought to know noiihv tMliiK al mi tMIs matter, lor llils Is tMethlrtU-IM iraddtiu ihiy - ahno! the thlrtli-Mi annlversary ot thi-ir original, single. only weddlngday. So long and pleanant a Journey In doublé har- ; tMout a sMy or break, of courae Is cerUtlnly amt prlnclpally due to the gontler mem ler of i'oniliiueil team, although Mer mate Is entltled to a fair Mare of applause for hls Mi'ady Kolng. 1 am glad to know. hrother ('olllns. that yon are a unión man, and llke loyal men In war times you were wllllng loug ere the war began to Inraat In on oí the liest nnlon Imnds In the market-a maninge oartlfloat of the domestlc stock inarkct, mid. I doubt not, lt has been a lond of good paylriK interest ever slnoe. At least I judgeso by these inlerestlng chlldrcu. I ))- hnght stars of the domestlc gal-jtxy and i"' u aiii ether. To iba happy and i'Marmlng nlallon of n-lteMimkI has been aildeil thatol UM most aiTed nature- mother-hood. And lf slie Is notriofAcr of fiiarl she Is at least mother of agate, or Aggle-Agnes, " the chaste and pure;" and John, " Iba icraclous gift of God ;" and Albert, " the nobly brlght and lllustrloiis;" and Mary, "the salt of the sea;" and Wllllam, " the defender and resolute protector,' Haviug tiied wedlock for somany years. anH bel ng so well satlstled wlth it. they are ready to turn Ilymen's key In the ixk agaln, and thus doiihle-Un-k the gates of raptured Bdao, While some elsewhere mlgbt ba willing to niaki' a lKlt from thelr cfnnublal bonds. these wiiom m meet to aoncmtulata tMisevi-nlngbe. long nol to tMat train. They have glHed as Hiuoothly over the track a two cars linked to gether that we feel nssured whlle Ufe laits the lies wlll liever break nor the cuuplings Ie sevarad. In the name of your many frlends, present and absent, 1 congratúlate you on your past happluess, and trust and pray that you may Uve to celébrate many more wedding dy anni versarles, and that you as a famlly, wlsh all your friendsanil thlscompany, when domestlc and iocUÜ Joys shall end on earth, shall be permitted to enter among the sllver-wlnged angels Inside the heavenly gates of pearl. In conclusión, I wlll slmply, on behalf of Mr. and Mrs. 'liarles Broas, Mr. and Mrs. John ('. L'olllns, present you with tnls sllvereake basket. On behalf of ('olllns Kroas and Maggle t'ollliiH, your grand children, I present you lilis sllver spvnMoMer and call-bell attachment These articles of sllver, emblematlcal of jur sterling metal, Mr. Colllus, and your sterling worth. Mrs. Colllns. "" - : "".¦"".. - -¦ mul Kiutted birdsare presented by Mr. and Mrs. l-vi Uroas. i m belialt of your sincere frleuds ar igMlors, thissetot muiwti i nm-. --f firty-four pleces. lts moss rose and rose bud embelllshmeuts, speaklng In the language of flower, of owr ii ¦¦ft-Minfl "f love" for your "superior merit " in on vate eharaeter and social virtnes. -May the richest blesslngofa kind provldence be yours whlle togelher you Journey on earth, and afterward - "The brlghter bllssofheaven." Mr. ('olllns responded wlth expresslons of grateful appreciation. Then followed au Interval of pleasant Chat, after whlch Hiere siiig Ing. and a prayer by Kev. W. H. Ware, and shortly afterward, in view of the comlug, Sabbath, the company dlspereed, havlng spent a most agreeable time. ,


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