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The l'ollowing real estáte sales have been recorded in the register'i office since our last report : Catherlne Cramer to Jno. O. Lata, lot 10 b 5 Maynard's alil Ann Arbor,$65. Harrlet W'. Ijrzelere lo Hcnry Warner, property in Ypatlantl, L100. Duvid Cowerman to Abrnhnm Kilklns Jr., 20 acres sec. M Superior. 0S25. EugeneM. dhllds to Forbes H. Rallard, 10 acre sec. 14 Augusta, $120. Horace L. Dolber to K. H. Hall;ird, 40 acres sec. 14 Augusta, fim. Wm. Muir to Martha J Wood, lot 8 and the e 1- lot 7 sec. 11 Saline. 47S. Jnlin K. liolse to Sldney Harwood, 40 acres seo. 27 riltsfleld, 25O. .las. Magee to .Stephenson Atcblnson, 50 acres sec. lKKulein, $1,875. M. D. OM t l.uellaCase, properly In Man, $460. 1'lBtt lt. Weeks to Clement R. Thomp.., land in Ann Arbor Town, $2110. Qeo, A. Harth to school district Na. 5, Sharon 1-üacrf mo. II sharon. ri. Allee Uonataii to Jas. Hammell, 20 acres sec. 18 Northfield, r15. Jno. C. Kalkner to Jas. Sa vage, lote 29, 30 b 4 ('hilsea. 177. Allen McUarterto Hannah McCarter. 40 acres sec. '2J, Sylvan, $1, and love hik! altecilon. Tlms. Braman to Eugene Heyuolds, land In York. $75. Jno. Thompson to EllzabPth T. Sutherland, property in Ann Artxir, $1,000. Margant Kly to Sarali Emerick, property In ïpallantl. 1.500. Alex Kwing (heirs) to John Lee, property In Dexter, $300. Jno. S. Vnughnnto Jno. C. l'arker, property In Ypsllanti, $7,'iOO. J.seph tiiplsh to Jno. and Geo. W, Staplsh, land In sec. i. I.yndon. $2.880. Jno. L. Hoyt to Jas. Hoyt, 40 acres sec. IS Saline, $l.fi00. Jao. N. Uott to Ja?. B. Gott, properly In Ann Arbor, $2,000. C. T. Wllmot to Emlly F. Cole, lot lí W11mot's add. Aun Arbor, f l.V), Win. Hewens to Jas. Hewens, 80 acres sec. 4 Augusta, IU0O. OUver K. Stark to Wm Hewens, aerco w. 8 and :i Auguota, S 0(10. Win. Sootney u Ja. Scotney' land In sec. 1, Ypal-liitl town, $4öO. Nathan T. White lo Samuel O. Mlller, 170 acre8ec. ili and Í7 Ann Arbor town, $13,000. Ueo. Judson iby beirs) to Ixvel D. Loomls, land in sec. 'fSylvan, $1. Lovel 1. lHrnis to Hen ry Markol, 70 acres sec 23 Sylvan, $5.00. Lovel 1). lxwinls to D. Hein, land in sec. SS y I van, $3,300. Lovel D. IxximlstoMIchael Merkel, 80 acre ylvan, $:m. John V. Debus to Asa B. Sanford, 20 acre sec. 1 York. $700. John li. Klark to üllver F. Stark 40 acre sec. Augusta, 82,000. John K. Stark to OUver t. Stark, U acre ec. Augusta, ídoo. Geo. W. Havens to Jno. 8. Jeness, lot 6 Norial school adillllon, Ypsiliini I. 1150. C. C. Lockwood to Jas. A. Vanatta, land In Balein }i,ki. Jas Rhotles to Chrlstlna Elsasses, land In ec. , Saline, tl.'JOO. C. Bohnett to J. W. Hogers, Ï0 acres sec. 16, Lucinda P. Mlller to Jennle C. McDowell, lot 19 Ypsllantl, $1,350. Tbos. Hrainan to Isaac T. Braman, land In ec. 45, York, 1,UÜO. Frederlck Boos to C. Bohnett, 20 acres Me. Hi, Lodl, $900. QIIT-CI.AIM DEED. Jas. B. Gott to Mary C. Whltlug, property Ín Ann Arbor, #H). Kobert Campbell to Wra. In sec. keuben kerapf to Caroline Clark, land In ectlon 15 and 22, Iyndon, 500. Chas. H. Stefl'y to Hlnsey 4 Seabolt, real and personal eslate of Sally Ann Sleffy, $750. Warren Day to Martaret A. Ely, lot .WO Norls' Western udd., Ypillantl $60.


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