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Ehypt. By Mrs. Clara Krskine Clement. LoIhrop'i Llbrary of Entertulnlng Hlstory. Barton : I. Lotlirop & Co. Frlce il VI Egypt occupled the geographlcal centre of he anclen t world. Itwasfertlle and attractve. Hk Inhabltunts werc polished, cultlvaled, iiid wiullke. IU great cltles were centre of wealth and clvlllzation, and frora the most dlstant countrles carne travellers and acholare o learn wisdom nnder Kgyptian masters and stmly the arts, sclences and government polcy of the country. Whlle surroundlng naliuns weresunk In prlmltlve barbarism Egypt shoue fts the patrón of art and acqulrement. Wllli a natural tlilretfor conquest she lntroduced a system of military taotics whlcli raado her armies ulinost Invinclble. Her wisdom was a proverb among the surroundlng uatlou. ' If u phllosopher" says Wilklnson," sought knowledge, Kgypt was tho school; lf a prince requlred a phyglclan H was to Egypt he applied; Ifany material polnlperplexed the decisión of klnnaorcoanclls, to Egypt lt wa referred, and the anus of a Pharaoh were the hope and frequently the protection, even at a lateperlod of a less powerfnl ally. lt would surprise many ofour realersto knowhow ranch In customs social and rellglous, has come down to ns from thls anclent people. Placlng the ring on the brlde's flngerat marrlage lsan instance. The Egyptlan gold pleces were in the form of rings, añil thehusband plcel on the fluger of hls wlfeasan emblem of thefact that heentrusted l„r h.iueforth wlth all hls wealth. The celebratlon of Twclflh I)ay acd Candlemas are EgppUan r.Ktlvalminder different names. The Cathollc priest shaves hls head Ijecaiise the EgyptUD prtest didthesarae ages beforethe Engllsh clergyman reads the liturgy In a Unen dress because llnen was the dress of the Egypim.l more than two thonsand years before bishop of the church of Rome pretended to hold the keys to heaven and heil, there was a prieel In Egypt whose tltle was the Appolntld Ill Of the Two Doors of Heaven. 1 1 is not strange that the story of thls people Md lountry should be so fasolnaUuu. There la an element t the mysterious in U whlch attracts even tbe reader who does not care for hlstorlcal readlug In general. In tbe preparutionofher work Mrs. Clomenl hM ii't only theadvantageofextenslv.TeadlngonthesubJect, but of personal travel and knowledge She has sklllfully condensed the vast amount of material at her command, and present to the readlng public a volume wbich neels only to be examlued to become a standard. Aii-i -,¦- rol un II ;¦¦ H rtad Mil "i l" "Adventarea tn Plgonia'wi- l;avr a verv frmih mi. I itlrrlng paper. eiving ii Damber t grapblo deaorlpilona ol oalricta-luitiUafcdeer-oanUnc. pomii IiooOdj iind oiIht Domadle adventarea m Uit Mr-oíi IhiicI. "éootcliOrthodoxy and raoileru thought' la a aaarttiQ( and ofeHve viawol "- Mermoiía," whloh i"t aam !¦ atlracUns i mocil :itlntloti Ín literary itml UwologloalMrj DMra i probaWy no morí' onique i"l plctareaqusflcnre lu blatory Hmn suwarrow, or .Huvnroit, thc MUDona Etoaalan gcnt-nil of the lxt ci'iiturv; ninl thepperln tlie Joomal ilscrlblng hl rttniíiKf hihI fantaxtio roaractei li one "f iiiicn-st A i'iip.-r sntlUatl "Som ol Hliaktspearc-H Keinale i :harai'ter" lia Iresli nii.'U'si Honly frota tbe lucliliai itconies from tbe pan ol tho onco famoug Eiik"' actreea, II. Una Kiiuclt, now wlf ol Slr TliiKKlorf Miir tin. riu-n w.liave patK-mon "Teonyaon - New DiMiiiii.' un "Oocf Ellot," on Crilerlon oí Poelry " nd mi "8ome Recen! Novel." Thre ís an original story y Barnet Pbllltpa, nuil Un ((inclusión oí Erokmann Chamau'n "Veterana of YesUTiluy." Tb editor bM aeTiml i.'i, ini-lucliiiK a dlaoualon ¦ ihe MhiikPNH'iiit une Bacou qaectlon, and ;i wbole-acili on the theory thut romen bave ¦nnerlur intattloai tomen. Appletons' Journul I pulillxlied muntlilyat "i i'.'iits, or f.iM ].it annum. i). Apptotoo 6 i-'o., pabllaten, K Y'irk.


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