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The democratie ward MUCUM are called for next Monday evening. The democratie candidates for the circuit juilgebhip are quite oumcrous. The Ann Arbor Democrat is to have a caluma of university items hereafter. Tliis i the Hong of the average citizen : Oft on tlie sllppery pave, Tliis wlnlir time hath fouuü me. üeo. W. Shier, of Ypulanti, has bought the grocery business of C. B. Cady, on II uron street. Rev. Mr. Sunderland will speak on "Tho?. Carlyle" next Sunday evening at the Unitarian church. Quite a Jarjre mimfccr f uuj cluzns attunded the repúblicas latt¦ oonvention at hiiisiiiK tliis week. A r-It-ï ¦.- li load of young folks went to Saline la-t Tuewlay nijiht t.i attcud a hall. They liad a good tiuie. Featerday noroingtlM tharmom term 9 below zero, and th morniog before it iiinde_iUe!j-jmAi'W--t U. ...i 4.-,. Republicana may be sonjewhat interested in the two calis for conventions, to Ie l'.iiind at the head of tho editorial page. m ¦ 'l'ln' meeting of the Waahtenaw county pioneer society is to be held in Dcxtcr next Wednesday. Remember the i bue nnd date. D'.iringthfi pastwci'k L 15. Kellogg Oo. have shipped, from their medical works in this city, nearly 600 bottlcs of their family medicines. Nalaoo Sutherland, of tliis city, has disposed ot his farm, consisting of HO acres in Ann Arbor town, to Rheuben Stollsttiner, lor 18,000. On Tue.-d:iy eveoing, March 8th, I'ruf. Adams is to deliver au sddren before the r.'form club. Subject : "The Iind Troublus Ot tlUluwia" A grand oíd snow Mono yo.stord.-iy afternoon covered up all of the unsightly things which ihe thaw ol' ];i.t week liad uncovered to tho gaze. Nature tried (o do her prettiest Tuo.sday, Washington' birthday, and gave us onc of the most beautiful days thftl we have ever sean in February. ïhe annual banriuet of the Phi Delta Phi fraternity is to occur at Hangsterfer's hall to-night. Elabórate jrpiar;itions have been made for the occasion. ??? Well, well ! Couipany A is not going to Washington after all the fuss. Couldn't rccruit the ranks up to 32 who desired to take in the big show. The will of Joshua Oushinan, of Chi-lsca who ltlt the bulk of Ins rroperty to 1 Warren Cushman, is being ootilc.-ted by a daughter, Mary Baldwin. Tliu KUUkhOKIÖfs of (Be T., A. A. j Ö. T. lt. K. held a meeting yesterday. We have not been able to ascertain any important business was transacted. The Ann Arbor Uemocrat says of the 1'alladiuiii : " It is a model of typographic, and Imi poaMMMp feature unenoyed by Palladiums of the pMt, a tff (flexible) cover." Invers' visits have been likened to successful newapapers, for the reason that they commence weckly, then semi-wcekly, (hen tri-weekly, then daily, with a Sunday .supplement. Caroline, wife of John Schneider, of Delhi, died yesterday roorning of inflammation of the lungs. Tlic deceased was 35 years oíd, and leaves a husband and five ehildren. Wat-htcnaw countv naid ImI v-ir. from Uctober to Oetober, foinething over $11,000 for the support of her insane at 1W tiac. The sum of $322 was paid by frieüds of inmates. At a don&tion party jiiven at the residence of Thos. Burlingame, in Ann Arbor town, last weet, 'he sum of $45 was realized for the benefit of the Methodist church in Northfield. Wuen the telegraph couipanies oonwlidate t is eipccted to close the American union office in this city, and Mr. Colby has 1 vi ved notice that when it is done he will be transferred to Detroit. Geo. II. Rhodes of the 5th ward, found n liis barn a few days ago, a package eontaining a nice revolver and a number of skeleton keys. Supposed to have been left tlirre by tramps or burglars. Upoo the ¦veriings of March 9tb and Wth, there is to be a masonic school of instruction held in this city, uoder the dlrec tion „f A. M. Clark, tffOnnd Iiapi.l-, the grand lecturer, of that order. Ihe Ann Arbor musical society rcccntly otod the Mlwring offioen : 'resident, ' H. Sa-e; riea-preuéaot, A.W'. ííiitton; cerctary, Miss L Hopp; treuanr, A. II. V; pianist, Mrs. John I'ack, I. T. Mdrtey, of Uoion City, who gradWUad IÏomi univcr-ily with the elasi of jV. was married last We.lnesd,)-, witli Miss ," L Mu.lran, at the residence of the '""'¦¦' "uother, on Kast Hurón M, '-"'e Mi.-hiiran 1'ann.T agrees with the ouiiier that this state is processing fast enough now in point of population, and oes not need a commissioner of emigraron to help squander the people's money. Some of the young lads are vory aaucy witli their snow balls. Ttis unruanly, boys, to throw snowballs at the little girls when they are passing, and it is also very ungentlematriy to " accidentally " hit older people. .las. M. Ilill has purchased 1,000 acres of land in Hakota, and intcnds to remove to that country in the spring. He is getting materials for the erection of a dnclling in rcadiness, wbich he proposes to ship frotu herc. I am uoingtoa hnll lialiy mine, bby mine ! Dniriyon dare to up and squall, Baby mine, baby mine! " Iiil " wlll tay at home with. you, He ill spank yon, lf you do- Bpank you Uil you' re blark and blue, Baby inlno, baby mine! From the number of fistic encounters reported in ganibling rooms on our principal business streets, within tho past few days, it would scem that thcre are uitc a number of these dens of ini(iiity in our city. By what authority do they exist f Tho Michigan Central railroad will sell tickets from this city to Washington and return, good from February 2Gth to March lOtb', for $18.50. Quite a number of our pcople are talking about taking in tbc inaugural ceremonies on these tenns. Wen. Yost, who lived near Ypsilanti on what is known as the " Middle road," was l'iniiicl dead in his bed last Sunday morning. He was "G years of age, was a man highly esteemed ia the county, and had formerly been one of the superintendents of the poor. _ The eaves drip upon the stone steps on the north side of the court house, and when it f' makus thetu very icy and dangerous. Last Saturday a lady from Chelsea, tin. Warren Cushman, slipped and fell upon iliem, ruiling her Ca ¦; and arm quite badly. " Kvery rose has its thorn," it is said. Even thu Rosa of Sharon, in Washtenaw, the democratie .state senator, is thorned in a way that he c&n't endure. At least he thinks he can't, for he has begun divorce pruuccdlngs against his wife. - Adrián Press. The democratie county convention is called for Thursday the 3d day of March. The judicial convention will be held on Tuesday, March 2:M, in this city, for the purpose of nr,n.;, i.ulnf! a canuidate lor cilcuti juüge, Gouverneur Morris being the present incutubeut. Il' you have ¦ Confedérate States' silver dollar, you have got a small bonanza. Expert coin dealers say they are the most valuable of all modern ooins, and are worth one thousaod dollars eacli. The "daddies dollars" art' flill taken at this office on ïrrT lll!uil. The ( larlotte Thompeoo troupe u to apP-ar at Ilill's opera lmusn rext Monday nightin the .lay of " l'lanler's Wile," for the beotlit of Company A. Tlie boya already have fpiite a sum accumulated in tlii'ir treasury, and hope to add to it with tliis enterlMorawt O ifaarp or you'll B flat. Tumblo? - Ann Albor Cöurier. You bet ! We tumbled twice.- Ingham County Deraocrat. Correct. Next.- Ann Arbar Courier. Ilere y' are! Did he tuoible solo as to strike the base ? Better carry a staff hereafter. - Midland Independent. Uur city band propones to givo a concert at Saline next Saturday night. The boys had a full house at Chelsea last Saturday night, and express tliemaelves as bcing highly pleased with their reception there. Tlie Oliclsea baud exerted themselves to mate the occasion a pleasant onc. All of the soldiers and sailors of the late war, in Michigan, wbo wero prisoners at any time, and who have not already reported their ñames, are requested to send the same to Fred. Schlanderer, Dexter, Mich., as soon as convenient, preparatory to holding a reunión at Detroit the coming summer. The opera house was filled to overflowing last Sabbath afternoon to listen to Rev. J. Alabaster's plea for prohibition. Many of those who heard it pronounce it tho best thing of the kind they ever listened to, and the entire audience was kindled with the same enthusiasm that the speaker posifliBod. - m There are some improvcments on the carpet for the Michigan Central depot building as soon as warm weather will peruiit. The present eating room will be 6xed up for a gouts' wailing room ; the ladies waiting room will be enlargcd, and the ticket office improved. It ia all needed bad enough. Last Sunday, the 20th iDst., Mrs. Catharine Kearney, wife of Thomas Kearney, of North6e!d, died at her home, of a bronchial affection. She was a sister of E. Duffy of this city, and of I'. and M. Duffy, of Webster. She has lived many years in Northfield, and was highly esteemed by friends and neighbors. A lady who has " been there" says : "A man will eat soggy biscuits twice a week . without a coruplaiot when his girl invites him out to tea, but when the girl becomes his wife, if there is the faintest suspicion of saleratus in tbem the neighbors will think the district school is out for recess by the racket he makes." Mr. U. BL hnyder, one ol the düi-rljpioneers of Webster township, was recently made happy by his children, Geo. S., and Rodney Snyder and Oscar Grisson and their wies, by beiDg made the recipiënt of a bcautif'ul gold-headed cane. Mr. Grisson made the presentation and the old gentleman prizes the gift very highly. I' any of our people have a desire to know how estcnsiye the adulterations of what wo cat bas got to be, they can gain a slight idea by reading the article upon our fourth page respecting the alulteration of food. It is startling in its developemcntf. flardly a staple article but is adulterated wah some poisonous ingrediënt. Quite a large party of students have arrived at Ypsilanti to attend the normal school, from the Cortland, New York normal (:llool. The leason of their coming is thut the superintendent of the New York school, refused to grant transfers to other normal schools in the state ; and also a cliange in ths government of the school. The hotel war bas at lastcnded, and the Cook house has been rented, we uuderstand, for a period of three years to Mr. E. II. Hudson, of Lansing, at a rental of $1,500 per year. It is the intention of Mr. Ihidson, we are told, to put in new furniture from cellar to garret, and to make a firt class liotol in every respect, out of it. ¦ m U'itli the compliment of Alvin VfÜÊÊJ me have received a piece of music entitled, "The Ever Green Mountain of Life," a ¦ Itiirtctte, words by Jas. (}. Clark, music by Alvin Wilsey, the publisher. Tbis piece was rendored by the choir at the M. K. Church last Sunday erening, and struck many of the audience as being peculiarly beautiful. Woodruff, of the Ypallanti Sentlnel, nays: " Religión grasps men's weitere In Uil worlcl nd all the potwiblUUes of Ihe world to oome." If this is so then we feel like backslldlng. There are some of the " posslbllltles of the next world " that we deslre lo avold.- Adrián Press. We thought the Press man would come to a realizing scnsc of his sius soiuo time, but this is far sooner than we expected. Shake I brotber, shake I The Hon. Geo. W. Bain spoke at Y (.silanti last Sabbath and secured 175 signatares to tho pledge, t is understood. Monday he was ealled to liis home in Kentucky by the severo illness uf one of his children, and conscqucntly has boen obliged to can cel his eagagmoenta in Michigan for th preMat. 1 1 . hopcs to be able to retur soon. The name and residence of the man wh was fouod dein] in lii.s bed at Miller's hotc on the Oth inst., will probably forever re main a niystery. Mrs. Keith, of Milwau koe, whose address was f'ound iipon his per son, rappomd it to be .Ja. MaDeraott, o Springfield, Ohio, but correspondence wit parties there proves that individual to sti be alive. Martin Clark, the agent for the university views, states that he will cointnenc delivering the same March lst. He fee! greatly pleased for the kind tnanner wit which he has been received in his canvass by both students and citizens. Shouk there be any desirous of obtaining an extr view, they can be accommodated by callin at Mr. C's residence on Washington street The Barry County Deuiocrat has this t say respecting our city: An old resident of the beau tl ful city of An Arbor, is agitattng the subject of a public park There is not on, we undertitand, in tbe all limits. üne of those Qod breathtiiK places in sultry slimmer day can be obtalnrd, ín a plons ant part of the city, for $6,000, but thei ma couuctl have as yet failed to act In the muit Nu w is the time for some magnanlmous sou in the "AthenHof Michigan," to reara lust in monument to his raemory, more endurin than a marble slab, by purchasltiK the groan and presenting ltto the city. Posterity wl bless the thougntful donor. The masquerade ball given by Vigilan fire company last Tuesday night at Armor hall, was one of the pleasantest occasions o the kind held in the city for a long time Everything paased off nicely, and every body enjoyed themselves hugely, not thing going wrong during the entire even iog. The boys cleared about f35 over am aboveall expenses, and feel juit "asjoll as a lark " over their sucecss. The young people's society of the Uni tarian ohurcfi gave a k-a fi0Dcert an dramatic entertainment last evening, a their church. Mrs. Emilie Allen, th Franz Abt quartette and Miss Jessie Taylor furnished the musical portion of Ih entertainment, while the "young people' club " gave tbe dramatic performance rendering a play entitled "KrstLove.' The occasion was a happy one. It MOOT private opinión publicly 6SprM ed, that tbe old law once in vogue in tlii state, and stilHu force in nearly every othe state in the union, raqniring the procuring of a license from the county clerk, by pm ties before they be married, should be restored. It was all right. There couM be no doubt then about proving a marriage, and the clerk would have a complete record. As it is, great deception is often practiced, and the record is very incomplete. On Wedncsday evening, March 2d, a " paper social " will be given in the rooms of the new Baptist church on Huron street, by the young ladies of that society. Both tueful and ornamental anieles, made of paper, in great variety, will be for sale, and special attra,-tions in the way of paper decorations, costumes, etc , will be exhibited. Supper served at any time during the evening. ('ome all and the young hiJies in their eli'ort to help pay for the new edifice. - La-t Tuesday, the 22d of Kebruary, wus observed assuch holidays usually are in this city, by the elosing of banks and saloons. Flags were tslc 1 on uiany of the principal buildings, a proces-ion of Co. A and the fire department was had o the forenoon, and the Scio band followed by a sleigh filled wlth raasqueraders paraded the street in the afternoon. At night vigilant fire company had a grand masquerade atarmory hall, and a glorious, gojd time was enjoyed by them. The Adrián Times pays this compliment to a fortner Sharon boy. The reappoiotment of Samuel II. Rowe, by Gov. Jerotne, as commissioner of insurance, and the confirmation of the governor' a action by the senate, s a deserved recognition of the worth and services of a good public servant. Perhaps there il not in the country to-day a man better acquainted with the matter of insurance, in all its practical workings and detail, than Mr. Rowe. Certainly his equal can't be found in Michigan. He has been at the heacl of the bureau of insurance in this state since its creation, and his vigilant care and watchfulne-s liae made Michigan an iiupossible field for insurance frauds. If t s the supervisores duty to repon the deaths which occur in his township 01 waid during the year, ought there not tobi some mcthod of making hira do his duty Uive hiui a sufficient compensation for the work and raake him do it. if the statistics are of no valué, then stop the business altogetber. The half-way, hit and miss, guessing at it that's done now and called a report is outrageous. The ministers and justices of the peace- not all of them, but some of them- need the same kind of attention, too, in the matter of reporting marriago. Kvc„ Ui $ioo fine for each and every neglect of duty staring them in the face, some of them refuso to comply with tliu luw. Why, is a myslery. W don't know wby. A pugilistic encounter of enormous pro portions is reported to have taken place in a garabling room on Main street last Fri day night, It is stated that a member o the reportorial fraternity had fallón asleep on a coueh in the room that night, anc the racket sudjunly uroused him. He didn't seem to realize the situation at onee it is stated, and byitanders infbrin us that the manner in which he juuiped up and yelled "pólice!" "murderl" "Ore!" " help 1" for a few .seconds, was enough to awake the nsighbors for blocks around, and to " make each individual's hair stand on end," in utter terror. Of course such things are exaggerated, but Justice Wirmgar state that the criminal docket for tlie day following wasn't reported. Respcciing the marriage of Miss Addie H. Morey, a well known and highly respected lady of this city, for several years conoected with our schools as a teacher, we clip the following from the Cleveland Hera'd : A vcry intet and very p!e:i.siinl weddlnt; "'- ¦urrcii yanarday t the realden i OapuJo K. A. WIIhum, No. H Hakrr avenue. Mr. Al, ciiiliitMii, of the I.ukr siiuri'it Mlebtnn southern K. K. oflloe at Toledo, was rnurried to Miss Addie H. Morey, of Ann Arbor, Mtch. The jeautlful crreinouy of the, Metlioiilst Kjiisi-opul ¦huroh was p:rfonnel by the Rev. u. Burniss, tod tlie small cumpaay of friendo present ibownd BpOB the newly muirled couple leartv will wishes and concluí nial lons The wetldfng gift8 wcre beautlfuT, and what Is beter, they werc approprlately substantlal. A weiMing dlnner, too, bet ter enjoyed than decrlled. was spread fur the brldal party and the {iiems. Mr. and Mrs.Guitteau wlll makc tlielr n Toledo. The bride has many friends here whosc ery best wishes for future happiness and rosperity wlll follow her to her new koae nd life. There is one good natured physician m thU riiy wbo ought to be chosen a niember of the school board. While visiting the schools last Monday, he was stonished to learn that tlie 22d, the day following, was not to be observed, and remarked, in substance, that " if the proper school authorities had no repect fur the memory of Washington themselves, tbey ought at least to leach their children to be patriotic." Tlmt's the correct idea, for upon the patriotism of our chi'.dren of to-day r.e.-U the succes of th is country in a few years to come. Tiie drama of " Tbe Whisky Fiend," which has been pretty thoroughly adverticed to be prescoted at Hill's opera house, to-morrow, Saturday evening, Feb. 2Cth, was ;iven to the people of Northlii ld last Satarday evening, and having met with success, (notwithstanding the fact that it is often said a person must go where he is unknown to seek renown), it was decided to present it to the people of Ann Arbor, hopiog that those who could not gain admission on account of the size of the hall at the forincr place, would have anopportunity of witnessing it. Qive the Northfield and Ann Arbor reform clubs a rousing benefit. If those who have peen the play are judges, everyone will be well pleased. We learn that Prof. A. A. Bennett has reccived a cali to a professorship in the Wesleyan University, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, and has decided to accept the same. While we regret the loss to Ann Arbor of Prof. B. , and his amiable lady, we can say of a verity - ¦" The lines have fallen to them in pleasant places," and we congratúlate the goed people of Mt. Pleasant on their aequisition, not only in a literary, but a social point of view, trusting however, that sonietiino they will again make their home with us. Surely this university in its onward march, will be honored of' such men, and will seek to cali back herwanderingchildren. Prof. B.'s ennection with the Orchard Lake Military Academy clo.-ed last year. Many good wishes will accompany the twain to their new field of labor. ? For the benefit of our Ypsilanti readers we wish to state that the name of C. R. Pattison, of the Commercial, appeared as delégate in the late county convention be cause a gentleman trom that city, who said he had the authority, carne before the comuiittee on credentials and requested the name ot (.,'. EL rstetam WUaMfl for that of Jacob Martin, and the records of the üommittee on credentials will so show, providing they have been preserved. The original delegation froni the 3d ward of Ypsilanti, as reported by the secretary of the ward caucus to the recent couoty convention, and taken down by the chairman of the committee on credentials, Mr. Kvart H. Scott, consisted of: John Fox, Jacob Martin and Hiram Batchelder. By request Mr. Martin'a name was erased and Mr. I'attison's substituted. If Mr. Pattison had been originally chosen as a delégate we can't imagine why that should have been done. All we know is that it jou done. llepresentative Garfield has introduced a resolution into the house respecting "Arbor day." That is, one day to be set apart for the planting of trees. That each child in a household, and each member thereof, al-o, be requested on that day to plant a troe of some kind, either upon the Lighway or ncar the house, in some place, at least, where its grateful shade may in some future time be a pleasure to the people. Thi.-i custom is one generally observed throughout the prairie states, and is a pleasing one. It seems strange that it should be urged in this land of trees, but the vandalism practiced upon our forests, and the relentless war waged by luni bermen, makes it now a necesity, unless we would see our children without wood or ahade. The wanton destruction of our forests is a tliiog which should engage the attention of soiuebody. To go through them in the northern portion of the state and see the destruction makes a man almost shudder. Last Saturday morning niany of the older citizens of this city were shocked by hearing of the sudden death of James Jones, of the fiftli ward. On the morn'ng of that day, while cluaring snow from the walk. in front of his resideoca, he began to feel II, and stepping into the house, expired almost instantly. The causo of' death was heart disease, from which be had been troubled for some time. Mr. Jones oame to thiü oity forty-seven yearj ago, and lun rcsided here ever since. He was born in l'ishkill, Duchess Co., New York, in 1805, and was consequently 70 years of age. He was married in 1828, and his wife and six cliildren, Chas. M., James T. and John W. Jones of this city, and Mrs. L. M. Minnie, Mrs. S. Crowell and Mm. E. White, of Port Hurón, survive him. Most of our city people knew and respected the deceased, aa he was noted for being jovial and pleasant. Ele will be misscd, not only by his immediate relatives, but by the community in general. For the past week or ten days there bas been quite a little commotion among some of our people, respecting what they consider rank injustioe done a young boy, who was arrested for the first time in his life, nd upon what is claimed to have been a rivial offense. Tbe alleged injustiee was n the sentencing, by Justice Clark, on tbe 4th inst., of a boy named Wm. Code, on charge of larceny. We interviewed Justice "lt l_ U _ ' 1 1 . 1 I .1 i.uiv wnu ia uui ïuuiiuuu lu uciieve luai too scvere punishment bas been meted out, or that the person who preferred the charges did so out of malice. Tho facts ia the case, as given us by Mr. Clark, are substantially as foliows : The boy was brought before li tui on a charge of larceny. He was accu.-ed of taking properly valued at $10 consisting of an old coat, some cards, a lye brush and "make up" rule. The coat t was proven was burned up in the office stove by the boy, who offered as an excuse that it had been "kicking around" in the office for some time, and he put it in the stove to get rid of it. It seems he only put it partially in, anolher boy swearing tbat he pushed it entirely in and closed the door to avoid the smoke and unpleasant smell which it was making in the room. The lye brush, it was proved, was found in the office where it had dropped. The cards the boy said he took as sample cards by which to solicit work, and supposed there was no objection, and that he was doing the office in which he was at work a favor thereby. (The "makc-up" rule has been found, we are told, sinco the incarceration of the boy, in a strect whicli he never frequonted, but which some of the other employés did freucnt. ) So it all summed up would seeui bat all the boy really took was the specinen cards, and those as an agent for the i.iiw; that the ooat was not stolen but mrneJ up, and for this he was sentenced o twenty days in the county jail. Mr. Clark says he always makes bis sentenoes at the rato of one day for every Ofty cents worth of property stolen. It should be remembered that an entirely ne coat of I pretty good quality can be purchased for i ten dollars, and the same amount of money i would purchase forty "make up" rules, or i forty lye brushe., each cntirely new, Or from twenty to tifcy packages of cards - cach paclcage containing Gfty cards. So the real valué must have been in tlie coat. It vrould be very difficult for us to belkve that the venerable jus' ice thought he was itnposing a heavy puuishinent, but t loóles to us pretty severe to brand a young boy, wli.) had always been a hard worker, endeavoring to earn an hontst living, and who had nevtrbefuri' betn Koawd of crime, as a jail bird and thicf' l'ur no greater offense than the above. The bof bas had a good rtputation, as faras we can asjertnin, for truth and veracity,and was never before known to have comtuitted a miídemeanor, which ought to have weighcd greatly in his favor. Besides, it is the opinión of many that had hc been tried by a jury or have had any ono to defend him, a very different result would have been effeeted. Or even had the case been postponed for a day to have given him a chance to consult wilh some onc. Bul the whole thing was accornplished ; arrest, trial, and sent hit. wilhin a half or threc-fourths of an hour, we are told.