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Writttn for the Cuuriek. l'art ins Ith Old School Books. Oh ! dear companions of my youth, Your every page to me recalls A struggle with some bidden truth, Ainonjf the sh:ids of college walls. And school-boy days, so full nf Iife, When free from care, with hopes so bright, Time passod in sports and eagr strife, To learn your lessons all aright. Here's Xenophon, and Virgil, too, The Union School-boys' classic lore; How many hours were poured o'er you, The stepping-stone to toils in store. Now, meets my ga ze, Thucidides, Recalling Kreshman simpleness; Then La tin Prose, well taught by Fn'eze, And Livy studied "ponyless." Antlgone was D'Ooge's spur, To goad us on in Sophomore year ; But Homerus charms I can aver, They did in easy verse appear. And here are Junior books, quite new, For "Punky" was our teacher then. We studied wit and humor true, Physics not rauch, Mechantes when In Senior year with easy stride. We saM wc rcad Phifosophy ; Frof. Cocker stiil we own witn pride, For wisdom and centiUty. You seem like friends long tried and true, With whom to part we shed a tear, And ofl sweet memories of you. Come back, in musing hours, to cheer. How fain would I, In some stil! nook, Reserve lor you a resling-place That I, at times, raight take a look At your well-worn familiar face. But give you up, alas I I must, So hath relentless faith decrecd ; To strauger's hands, to shame and dust, Though you, in silence chide the deed. Yet in my meinory you shall live, Among ts countless chequered scènes ; Farewell forever I pray forgive, This heartUts deed of scanty means. G. lon t torget tbe concert at university lia.ll to-night. Prof. W. J. Lingley has returned from his Virginia trip, and resumed bis lectures. Judge Campbell will deliver an address nezt Sunday afiernoon, at 3 o'clock, in university hall. There are 514 students in the literary Jepartment, and 242 bclong to the different secret societies. It is our sad duty to state tliat the freshmen didn't take their recent Latin examination very Gayley. Dr. Brian Whelan, class of '79, is to uiarry Miss Minaie Allen, of Ilillsdale, on Tuesday evening, Maroh lat. The Michigan university alumni, re.siding in the New England staten, had a grand dinner at Bjstoo, last YVednesday. Tbe whole medical class were vacciaated last Tuesday, and now if you want to know whether a student is a medie or not, just uiake a grab for his left arm. Fred. M. Townsend, literary class of '81, who bas been shoving the quill on the Battle Creek Journal forsome uiontli-, has resumed liis university course. Prof. Geo. II. Harrower, of Grand Rapid, class of '78, has been appointed to the professorsbip of natural sciences and philosophy in the agricultura! college. The studeot'sChristianassociation of the university has been represented by W. J. Lowry, of the medical department, tbis week, at their annual meeting at East Saginaw. The students of the medical department have held a meeting and passed fitting resolutions of respect in regard to the death of Miss Ann Keid, and Wm. T. Drulard, both of the class of '81. Jiast Satarday Harry C. Itichardson, of Princetoo, III., of the Sigma Phi fraternity, was chosen an editor of the Chronicle in place of Geo. B. Daniels, Alpha Delta Phi, of Grand Itapids, who resigncd. There will be a meeting of the university civil service reform in the lawlecture room, on Saturday eveninji, at eight o'clock. An address will be delivered by Mr. ('. A Towne, of the literary department. All are invited to attend. The regents are (o hold a special session March 9th. This is said to bs in lieu of the regular meeting at the time of the law eomraencement to which twoof the regents could not attend because of contcmplated absence from the state. The annual convention of the Chi Fsi fraternity 3 in pessiorj this week in New York city, under the auspices of Amhers-t chapter. The chapter of this university was represented by M. K. Perkins and Wiu. L. Clemente, who left last Saturday for that place. The Bernhard Listemann concert company is said to be OM of the finest extant. And as the lovers of good mu-ie are constantly increasing in our city, (as they be come more and more educated up to the artistic standard) it is thought there will be a far larger audience than usually grects fimtlar troupes. And still tliey ad vanee farther and i'arther above us. Witness the following frem the Manistee Standard: " Miss Lenora Taylor, the only youtig woman of the senior class of the Michigan univer.iity )aw school, has been elected poet of the class. She is also chief justice of the supreme court of the university of Michigan, the highest office in the moit courts of the law school." One thing which looks a little peculiar to us is that nearly all of the papers which are such great " friends to the university," and such strong partisans of Douglas, are so bit'erly opposed to a gymnasium, and look upon nearly all of the other appropriations asked for hy the university authorities in a eurly, growling manner. They are quecr sort of frionds who would build up the utiiversity by withholding appropriations. The following cure rur mu ill pox uiay be well worth preserving. It U going the rounds of the piess, and we only give it as such : "Au Knglish physician of' repute says that the worst cae of siuall-pox can be cured n three days simply by the use of creaiu of tartar. One ounce of cream of tartar dissolved in one pint of' hot water, drank at intervals, when cold, is a neverl'ailing remedy. It has cured thouands, never leaves a mark, never causes blinJness, and avoids tediuus lingeriDg." W liat have you been drinking or cating?" exclaimed his wife as he .returned home late at night. " Liquorish I" he responded, and then he wioked at htusclf in the dark, and breathed thin until he got to sleep.


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