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pURM FOB 8AL& 87 AORKS of good land, 3(, miles west of the cty on the Dexter road. S.ild property conll 01 three good farm house- one of brlck- four good barns, Iwo of them nave underground atable ¦ alno a large carrlage hone, three good orch irds of nearly a thousnnd apple tnea. I wlll sell 50 acre on the ootn !de of the road.or, cm ihe north eide of the rpad, KI acre, formt-rly the John Wlng farm, or 'he Fillmore farm of 100 acres Thl property wlll now he o!d at a bargaln. Als.i 50 ton of haj at X.U0 or $10.00 per ton. j. W. BRADF0D. JVRM FOR SALE. Wlshing to reilre from active buslneso, I offer for ale my farm or 100 acres in the townsblp of Wtb Hter, and ono mlle north of Wubïler Church. Small paymcnt down, and balance on long time. ,„,„ „ W. R. WALUKON, 102 Dexter, Michigan. püR 8ALB. THREE FARMS In Sharon and Sylvan, 00. 80 and 120 acres Idquire oí JAY EVERETT, 'Q24- Chelgea, Mich. F'OR KXOHANGE. I have a farm of 100 acre in the western part or the State, valued at ti,000, whlch I wil] for Ann Arbor City propcrtj. UK K A. BBAL. TTO RENT. HOUSE and BARN, Sltuated corn' r Pontiac and Fourth streel Good sarden and fruit Irec. Sultable for email famllT Rent. $18 por month. Inquine or 1026 QBO. It. DAY, Rlver Rod. WANTOD. ar a Competent & Experienced Nurse ¦ Sltuatlon. Apply, "15 DKAWBK 31, P. O. QOFFINS AND CASES i FÜLL STOCK AT MARTINAS All order promptlj attended to. jyjONEY TO LOAN. At neven por cent, Secnrlty must be on flrat-elata tum In thiacounty, or clly prop.rty iu A uu Arbor, tn centr.-il and dmirable locilitiee. J. l. A. bKSMONS, Atiorney. Office: 8. W. Cor. Mnin A Hurón sta., up-etalra IU0ft-8l POR SALE. I hae ko(! rLODBUe HU of tour of tone, thdi I wlll aell or ixcliuKe for proporty Iu Wmshtenaw Coouty. 8Mtf RICE A. BKAL. JjARM FOR SALh. Pot tlic purpoee of cloolng a partnerBhlp, the underulgned offera the Flnley farm, In the townahip of Sclo, for ale, eltner In part or the wholc, on ong time. For particular enoulre on the premiso Sclo. Decmbor 2,. ,. DAVID ",?,?%"


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