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The Hero Of Lavergne

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The followJDj; Mory of ¦ gallan! Dghl rit ;it the hiittle by the Iinsinj Ra n' mvention : Xl,c ¦ litftuina i tii'' haUia OÍ :, Weduoidaj, iTifcina-s aAne- clod over toe beads of tho weary eotnbatants, it wm tion widi niiiiy whether the rebel or bad l't-i -ti worsidi. Tli' terríbl MeCool'i fcorps oa the right of the union wmy, ewrlj n ihi ind then the retakiog ol thi tiMund. ro that thu liuee ol' batda ol hc niainoJ in aböirt the .ju ;u tho evcniog au mi the ful itniroiii!.', i'-ivf Miinps very niucH f ii draw game, with thu on, tbat Ihe rebel eafalry bad got in the nar of the union anny. MM mm lupply iraiDs, bul threat pture of liavergne, an impor. t ! " mil - nortli "ti the Nasbvüle roaj. On the eve of thia great l;itt.r ijcn. ïi-i to a MtehiRan colond, "Will I.'V' rgne .' ' The amwet [wi)l trji." l!u'. id the fioncral, ¦ I ;i-k if you wi " l "'''' re" plied tl and right nobly did he f'ulüll bia promje, Th ; LMichigan men under ihta nel tonus onc of thé brightesl f uieiiean history. '11 1 of ;i t-arrica mp wagons toderbrush ha.-tüy arrngei, with nothiog bal uinsketa in the hands of itvhilc the rebel Forco. consisted ol I pieoca. .],,., waa ri-inri.i!i tba( bngut, erijp oew yearV moroin jol I8( i, the rebel offioer wit ;i fiftg of tiucc rode forward and General U hok r demand an ii :ui'i önconditiooal uiTondcr." Tho ol the Michigan eolmel, in m whitp, floated totheearol the offioer, au! he was Burprined to hor these words: "GiTeWener! Wheelor my oom pUmeota, and tel! lúa) wc don't surrender inucb." VVhilti the offioer was carrywg tlie uies?njr the colonel, calmly seated i" i bred charger, rode low)y arouml the rude eotrenohoieBl aad uid, " Boys, they are t.OWgtrong; hare you sai'l your i ¦ '" ready, !, et tlioin come on,' replied the i rave of Michigan. t firman, the robl offioer whi ried the flag of trnc Six times we swept down oa th'in. tod i-ix Mmoe 1 rode up with a tiat; himI ratumoned tricm rrender, but each lime the words oauae i n'iw and t.hon with an ero'we ion'l lunreDdermneh.1 niaoJor taj on hia horsc .lnrinif the firt eharifes as if óo Arta iar ade; but at the third firo I -w hi'ugo down. I tiioueht we had wiagcd hini, bat when we ebarged uiiin tbero he sat on bia horsc, as cool a- it the thermometer ha 1 heen at zero. One of our uien tooit rate aim and again he went down, I roda up .lie ti 1 1 ti time and UULbW. ' W n'll lint oiimiiioi: you ;ijaÍM - n .. ti r :í diii' It W;l lili1 -alllf Ij' a Iticli yel'eii iiit,.' l'ray dopt, tur we .mi t tumoder mwh.' At the scvcnth (liarle 1 woundid, anl the general m Di unotliiT officor Wlth thfi mUMMML He wa h&lted :i few liundred yards IVom tfae breutwork, and m oSrer la a eavalryman'H o? riom mm Mt lo mm him. ' S lint your raak, ?' detMaded the unión officcr. Mtjor, ir. ' ' (n hackami ihat )i - insulls m tnk t" tn-al nli uu ' II Iiiiii I lia licr ' to sur, "iider. I ghall fireon t he i. t fl 1 1 T a - ! 1 1 ( ¦ ' 1 1 1 i i : - ui ma ín 1 ol' I he Un mi i di tac I unen (, anl ! ru-o he inad os ticlirve lio had reocivi'd r int'oroi.'meuts. TbÍnktO it tM n M drew off, and tlie next day we l'minil out that we liad bN rbipped by 189 -a." Su b n tBsat7 axnarratcd by tliin rebel iiffiivr, lint the reader tuay wonder what ilir defoMO oí LavwrgM has to d with a jrreeoback (tata conveatioa in Miehixan in ny tbis ; tiui Mu'lngaii i'olonel l.s describe) by Kdmund Kirke, in his "doD in T' nnciee," who saw him a lew mli- nt't' t thc battle, as tall, erect, niiiAiry-buiU, nolile l'catured man, with dsrk, Bowioi luir, tod a loag clastic ¦trida. meen yeat lvo roltéd away sioce Kirk gave tW-i dowriptidd f 'tho horo ot' Lanrgne." On Tbnnday evening a ¦mo tosweríag perfsotly tothlidawsripiioD, with ihi' eXMptkm that Tinie's .silvery Ikii'iI has Leen upun hiin, it-(;Ltored at tbc ind 1'rinnN hnuk him by thi hand mui chIIciI hiui "Ueu. Ionis." Tu politioiaoa he known cbaiiuiao ol' lh.' rMmImkA state rfiilial coiniuittcr. 1 1 iill car ried sonie of tho "don'tiurn-inli r-inurli air," hut :il'tcr all therwas Jisoonraged lookabool binwbea ke íbund that los th:in a oorpoflü'l nuará ol' his wero present to take part in thr Btatö oonsentwn pnnpaaead to In: held on tli' inorniw. As uninii iokfiar Innis was uur of ihe I r.ivot cl' the war, krat M mil dogcd determioation osnnol keep Gczlrog 6stitBi tVoMi pcti'iinii out. lic as f. ¦ilam llial tlu' ju Tiihark party would ,i i iiiiijKin votes in Michigan at ihe lol eleoiion Imi r I ' - 1 1 65,IO0 ihor( of his II. lik.


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