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A Noble Wife

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During thi rcvolutiofl in ruland whidi followrt the revolurtoB "I riiniileoi) K i - eraako, mnj ei 1 1 - radwl and lxi l (lic ¦i'that ill fatcd country were foroed i" ir thcir live-, liirsakiTifi home and IrienJs. Of tlmse wli" liad boon uiot tbr tbe liberty of FoUod mu Nichael Sobie.-ki, whoco anemtor liad btM i k.uf.' ;i Inui'lrc'l tad filiy c;ii befen. Sotweski lial iwo sous in llio . iatrio( ranlts, and t';itbor anti sous bad been ot' (lio8 wlio porMKlciI in wliat tbc 1iíÍ0,m lm I liOCti pliiiscd tu Ui in retiollion, and n prien hal In-en set uion thcir hcadg. Tbc Arclidiikr üonsUBtioe rager lo ipprehend Michicl Sobneski, and loarnin ibal the wife ol tbc l'olish boro ni ai h. mu ai CracoWi bc waiied upun lier. Madam," bc mïd, spcaking polilcly, Por the lady iM-aiililill and iilrrnlv. ¦'I lliink you koow where ymir hunliand and aonti are DUB Uidit " I kni)W, -ir." " [f you teil me wlicrc your husbami in y 1 1 r soos sliall be pardoDod," he .- : i 1 . ¦ And., hall bc safe?" ' Vc 8, madam. I BWeM it. Teil ine where fourhosbwid w eoMeaftd, and both vun tod '-nv wös -hall lic -aio and nub armoe." " Then, -ir," anitwered ihe noble wonuto, ri-iiiK wil li a dipriity sublimo, and layin Ikt liand r.n lior Imsoin, " lic lio" cnnoealcd liTe - in the hetrt of hiM wifr- and you nill have to tear beart out t tind bim." Tyrtnt bc wn-, the Archduke admirad the apswer, and the spirit whicli had inspired it, and deetuing the good will ¦! Bucb a wmnan wortb aeourmg, pohlUhed a i ardon t the ftthm and sons.


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