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llow wc han all K'Vi'd theiii, and love tlioiti siill, ecn wr rown up ones and JOU who feei youraehrei aloKMl growa up!_ Whcii the titile oom of a Family eircle trc Ratbered t listen ia Hible storv, you will süidbtn tai) (o roo the oMcronc listeninj; t. althouj?!! tliay may kooWil.c story liy hcart. Ami Minly tliisis wcll, lor our 1 L ird t;i'iscil tocse Scnptures to be "writtea for oor learoing," and we ahall oever limi tbat we hve grown t. old or fin Ne tu Icani Ircsh widuni l'rom theni. Th oso dear, familiar bwtortM of Abraham and iHwo.of Jaoob and Jotepb, of David aöd aliMiHAüiuel, andoitbe DropheUshotrid i ur listoncd 1o inerely loramu-c ment. It was tncarit ilint wc should loarn jomi thiog lïiiiu nll ilüit is told us of their carthly livea. Vc-, Vy i'areCully tudyiiiL; tbese " Bible xtorioa'.' wc may learnto embrace and ever boid la-t tliat bleaaed hope which oboered them on- efeo tlic li ¦ j ¦ ol .vcihi-ting


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