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The Beauty Of The Lord's Prayer

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The biblical scholars and maitwN of' the clcrgy who have long wantod a ruvised version of the New Testament will soon have their ardeot wishes realized, a the changos - Qumerous, and in some ratpeota verv important-havo been made, and the revised editlon, is printed and nearly ready f'ordis tnbution. The large nnmbet of reholars who ean read the (ireek, Latin and Hebrew tongued will thoroughly understand and appreciate the judgruent of the correclions which have been made, and another body oi people, who do their thinking by proxy, will accept the revisión upon their dictum ; but oldfashioned Christians, who have not quite gooe into the root of the matter, but accept every letter of the Bible as the written word of God, will have a loog strugele with their prejudioes, faith and BttperstiUons before they will concede tbat the change of a personal pronoun, or the omission of a brief sentence afifects njerely the htorature of the Bible and not its articles of renglón, rernapsthe liardt!t.-trugg]ewill beto accept the MMndad version of the hord s prayer. h does indeed seetu impossible that any iuiproveuiebt can Lu ofl'ered iü this simple petition wliicli has stood for so many centuries a a masterpieoe of inspired rhetoric. It will bc reuicmbered t that when the eider Booth was once vi,-itïng in Baltimore he was asked in a select and fashionable company as an especial favor to recite the Lord 's prayer. lie sitfnified hu williogneaa to gratify those present and all eyes woro üxed upon hiw as he slowlyand reverently arose frum his chair treuiblniR with tliu burden of two Kruat coneeptious. He had to realizo the eharacter, aUributaj and presence of the Almighty BeiDg he was to address ; he was to transfurm himself into a poor, winning, BtumbÜDif, benighted, neudy supplicant, offonng hoiuage, asking bread, pardoo, light and guidance. Says one who was preseut : ' It was wonderful to watoh the play of etnotions that convulsed his countenance The silence could be feit. It had becoiue absolutely painful until at last it was broken as by an electric shock as his rich toned voice syllabled fortb, " Our Father which art in heaven," with a pathos and fervid Hoieuinity mat tlirilled all Dearts. lle finished ; not a voice was heard as the host stepped forward with ttreamiog eye and seized Mr. Hooth by the liaiul. 'Sir," said he, in breken accents, "you have afforded we a pleasure for which my whole Future lif'e wil] feel grateful. I am an otó man, and every day froru boyhood to the present time I have repeated the Joni's prayer. But I ueverheard itbcforc, never!" 'ïouare right," answered Mr. Booth ' to read that prayer as t should be read MOMd me the severost study aod labor tor 30 years, and I atn far f'roui ntiafied wilh my rendering of that wonderful production Hardly one peraon in ten thou.and comprohends how niuch beauty, tenderness and grandeur can be condensed into a space 90 8imple. That prayer itself sufficiently illustrates the truth of the Bible, and Btamps upon it the seal of diviuity."


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