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Reportorial Anguish

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I lie following leaf wasevidently dropped iroiu the diary of a youiiK reporter: tanta j. m. " W'ell, ariother week Ui gone by in about the same oíd way. I ve been wondering lately why sotne peoP don t know any more than they do ; wliy tbey will persist iu tulking ' shop ' to one of us follows every tiuje they uieet us iu society. Now, I aui not ashained of my Im.-mess, which, I think, requires a considerable auiount of brains. The other night I went out for a little while to a sort of socia gathering, and I hadn't got into tM putar belore a youn lady siinpered, ' Oh, Mr. , you aiu't going to put us in the paper, are you?' I had a big nonon to ,ay .something bad, but I didn't. 'I lien I go to lome public exhibition, and every accuaintaDce I meet says, ' Well are you gettiog it all down ?' or ' Got sornething to writeup, haven'tyou?' ' I s'pose you fellows get into all these shows for nothing. or txmíe other equally flat remark. Kvcrywhere it'l the same way. Oo to cliurcli - wheré some reporters do because they enjoy it- and you are met with the facetious remark, ' Well, you have to be pious once in a while, don't you !' Meet a man on the street car and he asks you if there's any sensation afloat. People don't seem to think thst we tellows know anything but 'shop. ' Why don't they ak a lawyer out in society if' he is lookiog for a case, or a doetor whether he expects somebody will be siek before he lea ves, or a bank cashier wlut the hiulie-t per cent. is upon first uiortgage loans? 1 can'tunderstand it. We are just like other f'olks, and there are times, rare, it is sadly true, when we are not on duty and feel that we would be glad to enjoy social life jast ss other people do. But I suppose it always was so, and always will be, and I aui too tired and sleepy to try and understand why. "


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