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Sacred To Mother

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Krom the Chicago InftM Washington dispatches note the fuilowing incident in connection with the arrival of' General Garfleld at Washington: "The crowd broke forth in a hcarty ct.eer as the train with the president elect reached the depot. The first to disciubark was Mrs. Garfield, the eider, who was assisted to alight by her son, who tenderly extended to her his right arm, and escorted her to a carriage, which was to convey her to the white house, where her room was already prepared to receive her." The eighteenth century, warelike and (-rand. Was the battle-field where, for the rights of man, Kach brave knight tilted a lance; But the nineteenth, wearing the olive of peace, Heralds woman's hour, when wars shall cease, Proclaimeth the seer of 1' ranee. The "conquering hero"' comes, it is true. With "welcome" re-fchoes the vmulted space, And a wuitin natinn now chet-rs aiMW. As son to hls inother yields the firit place. And our Kunt hearts aweary, with bejra;inir for alms, Por the crumbs that fall from liberty'a feast; liejoice in the liope that tliis mnther's son WlU tacrcdly guard e'en the rlghts of the lenst. A typical scène- in the national home, A corner for mother held sacred to-day ; The Rood time coming for ave- has it come? When the jiirls and the boys shall reeene Mual p!ay M Krom the soft-tinted, purple-lringed Ohio MIK, ,i-l,',C well-beloved "mnther" now cuines as u qne.n W 1 Mie the true wife and inother of four loyal sons bhall prove to her kingdoiu right loyal, 1 ween. So we wreathe for the household a wish. immortelle, horgetting not Nellie, the loved household pet Meanwhilc wait lor the "mesiage," half doubtine and yet - Wife, inother and daughter, how cao he forifet?


Ann Arbor Courier
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