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Mrs. Hayes' Portrait

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A Washington special say.s " This morninK Miss Francia B. Willard, on be nali ot nfty ladies who subscribed to defray thc cost of a memorial oil portrait of Mrs. Hayes, ín honor oï her determined stanc lor temperance, in a felicitou speecli, presented ít to President Garfiold, who received ít f qr the nation in a f'ew well chosen words jjuiu speakers lauüed Mrs. Ilayes highly j,D those Present besidcs the president u j i GaráeId "?d M'ss Williard and the delejation of ladiesaccompanying her were the Rev. Dr. Lanahan, Senators {'erry, Blair, Ransoru, Heek, Conger, and cgLa ' Representativos Bi.-,beo, Robinson of New : ork, Aldrich of Illinois, WUIetta Bremer, Vanee, BrÍKK8, Ray, and ex-Representatives White and Sapp. The east room waswell filled. President Garfield most cordially received the picture, paying a beautiful tribute to its subject, whom, hesaid, should ever be at home ' in the white house. He paid a K.ful. fitting compliment to the address of Miss Willard, and expressed bis hearty appreciation of their work and their prayera for, and kind allusions to, his niothcr wife, and children. The company were then presented to the president and wife Mi.-s Ransom, on behalf of the ladies, besought a meeting with President (Jarfield's mother, which was accorded, and she was soon ushered into the blue room, and receiyed the sincere evidence of lovinu regard and esteem of the visiting ladies. President (jarüeM snnlr.. u fnllr. . 1 have observed the MgMtauiea which you have given to thls portralt irom tlie sUuhE polnt you occupy, and lu oonnectlon wtth tl,.wi.rk whlch yoo are engaKed. What you havo ald concern Ing the evTls of lnteriperanee neet ray most h.-Hrty .-oncurrence I have been In my way, and in aceordiuiee with mv own convlctions, the earnext advocate of tem RfSCe' "il n.HO narrow ""nse ome. bul In a very dedulte and practical sense Thr.' Whè' thërO71.hreif1TfPl éd Wl" " 'ne?i iiJ?i PP'6 'n regard to all phases of that qoUoo re,naln Vo beseen. Éut I hall do what I can to abate the reut evll of lnttini.,-, anee. I „hall do glad loiiavo thla plet re upon jour kin, 1 sxpreMlona lo rae and my fámllv and In your efforu to better manklná by yoifr' work, I hope that you wlll be gulded by wisdom, and that you wlll achleve worthy "Uf. S?!Stliïï1"iniUg yU Ir thls ml" nd greetlng, I bid you good mornlng." "I suppose yuu are nq gla.l thut your botbaod is entircly cured of his rhuuiuatism?" said a doctor to a fashionable Galventon lady. " Yes, I supposc I ought to be; but trom now on we will bave to guess it the weatber or buy a barometer, f his bones nuit achioir leforfl damn noli "


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