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The Aa-trian parliarucnt rciuseu 10 p a resolution of condolence with the Russian imperial faraily. and the latler are uiad about it. Why should they care for a parliament ? They have none, and believe in an absolute nionarchy. Levi Bishop, of Detroit, isn't very slow either He petitions the Michigan legislature to pass a law that all physicians, before receiving authority to practice, shall bequeath their bodies to a medical college for dissection. The democrats have lost the United States senate, Mahone, of Virginia, actíni with the republicans, and fecuring to them tlo organization, which was effected last Friday. And so the republicans again have control of the government in all its i _1 Drancnes. A oorrespondent of the Detroit Post and Tribune says that the prohibitionists have a state ticket iü the field. It consists of: l'ur judge of the supreme court, Chas. G. Hyde, of Kent ; for regents of the univorsity, Isaac W. McKeever, of Leoawee, and Edward 0. Newoll, of Saginaw. A treaty of peace has been .signed, the telegraph tclls, between Great BriUin and the Boers of South África. The indepcndence of these plucky people is conceded, and the conditiona mado such that tuere is no doubt of thcir acceptance. Good for the Boers ! And good for the good sense of Great Britain. She descrves praise for act ing so honorably and reasonably. A bilí bas lccn intreduced in the house by representativo White, of l'ort Huron, prohibiting ruilroad coinpanics and corporatioDS within the state, from eoaploying persons in their service who are not actual residents of the state, or of the United States. It also provides that such persons iiiuH be either citizens or have declared their intention?. Ir. DeCastro, of Lafayctte, Ind., would be an extremely able man in a printing office. He is the ncw interpreter for the state department, and is credited with being able to spc-ak 14 different languages. We have often heard a certain editor that the Knglish language wu Do4 sufficiently emphatie, and wish that he could master 13 additional ones. To talk with obituary writers and poeU he would be just the man. Oh, for a DeCastro. The Detroit F ree Press of last Monday, had this complimentary sentence : " Beal's opinión as to the qualificationsf any man for judicial positioo is wotth eonsiderably lesa than a last year's bird nest." The sanie paper had a loog and elabórate article eodeavorinK to prove to the democracy of Detroit that Judge Swift, of that city, was the man the democratie city conventinn oueht to that day nominate fa ie corder. But the democratie convention didn't listen to the wise words of the Free Press. Not much. They sat down on the old lady's opinión, emphatically, and nomDated quite another rúan, by a vote of 31 to 8 ! How much are the opinions of the Free Press worth, we should like to know? Iley? Speakup. ': should like to have sonie of the papers of the state express thcir opinión of senate bilí No. 1 33. It provides for a commigsiou to supervise the bookkecping and instruct the various boards of trustees of the different staf? institutions what to buy and how to buy it. It looks to us unnccessary. Furihermoru wc du not see how sueh a comnjLs.sion can acco tuplish anything without interfering with the admirable system of the auditor general, to whoui uil these iastitutions report. Tho different boards of thce institutions ought to be capablc of managing their own affairs, and if they have not competent bookkcepers and purchasing agents let them hire some that are competent, and not needlessly saddle an expensive commissicn upon the people. We think the bill cught abt to become a law.


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