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A Scheme Which Miscarried

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Last Monday sorae warm aJheronts of Judee Cooloy ia tbc prescot graduating class of tho law department, called a meeting of the class for the express pwyoae as it afterwards developed- of passiDg a series of resolutions laudatory of the Jay professor of law in the univerbity, aod condemnktory of Rioe A. Beal, of the Ann Arbor Courieh. Well, the weetij was held, was well attended, and after much dodging around the bush the secretary of the class, one J. H. MoGiU, of l'lymouth, .ook the ror-tiu'ii tad read articlcH from tUo 'oí in kus files wliich referred to Judgc Jooley, :inil coniiucneed his speech by sayng, that the article.s were in insult to Piof. Cooley, anJ it wan their duty to pass ¦esolutions fhat wuuld show the people of' he t:ite that the law olaai of '81 stood by .li' ir noble teacher, the most learDed jurist )f the age. But the "boys" didn't take kimlly to thö proeoedings. They hissed MeGill down and compclled him to leave ;ho platform, and the meeting adjouraed without tuking auy action whatcver. 11 ing the many remarks dropped by the boys respecting the proceedings.the following will show the drift of their feelings in tlifi matter : "The entire prooecdings rere out of place." "Let Judge Cooley fight his own battles." "We are not enlisted under that banoer." "Can't come the cat's paw business on us." "We prefer to allow him to stand on his own bottotu." "The question hasno place in this department, and we do not care to interfere with other department fights." "Fair play." "If tbc open letter written by Mr. Bed 10 Mr. Cooley is not true, let him defend himself like a man, and not as-k us todo it." We might go on and fill a column with similar remarles which the iii'lijMiation of the boys over an attempt to torce a question upon them, and compel tli. ni to sustain a bad cause, brought out, but the above is sufficient to show the feeling.


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