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READ, THIH AND BELIEYE ! THE LITTLE GIT POGKBT E5 The Greatkst invkntion of the Aqe. HoMKTHlNO FOB EVERYBODY. 1 A new lnvention of rare merit, whlch mut not be lassed wlth the cheap, miserable affaire that are now looding the country. THÏ LITTLE OIANT POCKET SCALKS," in a neat and uselul artick', Nhich in time wlli throw all the oíd fogy cales and jalances into the shade. They weigh aoouiutelt 'rom one ounce to elght pound. Carefulljr bnilt md constructed by Bkillfnl workmen, they will glve the best satlsfacllon wherever introduce. For beauty and workmansblp they take the lead. lleavi . ly plated with nickel silver, they cannot tarnlsh or rust. Thege scales are io email and portable that they can be easily carriedin the vest pocket and occupies no more epace thao a email pocket-knlfe. These Scale aic dirablü, ktbonb and accurats, and with ordlnary nsage will last a lifetime without getting out of order, as they are built upon an entirely new principie, whlch the Inventor spent nearly two years in prefect int. They are pronoanced by Nid Butijnk. (K. Z. C'. Jadson,) and other leadlnft American sportsman to 6 tuperior to any scalt' heretofore imported from Europe, and they honld be seen to be appreciated. Juet the thintr for sportsmen, trapper, hunter#, agents, travelere, and famlly use, in fací, "Somthins tor Evkbtbodt." No dealer In the worldcan give you a scale equal to the "LITTLB QIAJtT" for ae times the price asked. The patlern ie nearly constrncted and flnely flnifhcd. Kvery scale we send out is in perfect order and are j ranted eo or money refunded every time. j tion guaranteed In everj case. These scales are no "Catcbpkmt" affalr bat somethlng both good and usefui to every person in the land. AGENTS WANTED Everywhere to eell thec calea in all secUons of the country, you wlll flnd them the faitest-selllng artlclc on record. "Bia Dmcouhts" are offered to agent, dealer and the trad. Our motto la "Live and Let Live," "ulck salen and small proflts," circulara, term, and fall particular! int Iree to any addras. One sample scale, put np In a neat caae, sent by mail to any addre on recelpt of 50c. (3-cent poeUge tamp taken, or you can aend a One Dollar Bill an we will send three ecales.) Addrt-s II """ai THOMPSON, Sole Nanufccturer, Bridgewater, Oonn. 1031-lOSi HeaïthlsWealth. Db K. C. Wnt'i Nrvi t-nv BbawTbiatmknt: a spedflc tor Hy-iteria, Di..lneas.Convulsion, N.rvin Headache. Mental Deprwlon, Uus ol Memory, SDermatorrhcea, Impoteney. Premature Old Aije, cauaed by overexertion, elf-abuae, or over-lndulf ence, whlch lead to mUery, decay and dealh. One hoi will cur receot cae. Kach box conuin one month'8 treatment. One dollar a box. or stx boxe Tor flvc dollari ; Sent by mail prepaid on receipt ol prlce. We piarantee êix box to cure any case. wnh each order receivd by uaforalx boxen, accomuanled with flve dollar, we will send the purchaoer our written guarantee to return the money if the treatment does not effect a cure. ;uarautees iwiied by Brown & Co.,8ole Anthoriied Agents for Ann Arbor, Mlch. JON C'. WK8T CO., Solc Proprtetora, Chicaeo, 111. Friielle Co., Wholeaale Agent. Uetrolt.Mich. 938-lM „ Onlll iniit rr to Uoa tl lo (% In to mo I Allü pleut .nJ pnUahto ! D0w Krtrjtlilin I [ „,w Oulul nl reuulreJ. Wi l" turnlib o .rj" k l jfn. .w.j trom kou or.r nlflu. rlk wb.w.r. I I mifin Workeri uUd .louc. ui xrt mklo I ll tortura 1 in. bmlacai. Lullw ¦ M mk u mes. L.jSlL" mitexn nK., e7 d.y U OU b. U 1 . wk ao J rtlur, .mj.loyiii.ou ïboM Lo IW .tm-.wlUo.l..h.rtr-lw'"o.. Addrrw B. '"¦" t I iv, rwuui, ii.iu.. "" M


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