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Democratic Judicial Convention

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The demoeracy of the 22d judicial district oauprktag the counties of Washtenaw and, Monroir, UMmUed at the court house yesterday noon. Dr. A. I. Sawyer, of Monroe, wss chosen temporary chairman, and Frank B. Jones, of Saline, temporary ¦¦ retary. The following were appointed a comuiittee oo credentials- Wm, D. Harriman, oí Aun Arbor ; Chas. R. Whitman, f fpHbsti; and Coustant Luce, of Monroe. On Permanent organizaron- Chas. S. Gragory, of Scio ; Thos. F. Leonard, Ann Arbor, and Constant Luoe, of Monroe. The temporary officers were made permanent. Ader a Hotuowhat lengthy speech by the chairman, in thanking the convention for the honor eonferred upon Monroe county by selecting one of her delegates to preside, the Hou. Wm. I). Uarriman sroseand in a very stnooth, gracefu! speech, placed in nomination, the Hon. Chauncey Joslin, of pmkoti, for the uffico of judge of this cir cuit. The Ilon. EL J. Kedfield. of Monroe ind ]aid a very high compliment to Mr. Joshn, but stated that the Monroe delegates were sent to the convention instructed for Üouveneur Morris. Proceeding, he paid that gentleman one of the finest tributes we ever heard paid another, showin furth his qualities as a student, and his perseverance in having ansen against serious obstacles, and üf his pureMN of character. The list of candidates being exhaustpd, the first informal ballot was taken, which resulted : Cliauncey Jüsliu. of Waslitenaw 13 i.iuv.iHiir Morris, of Mouroe '..'.'.''.'."'l 10 A forma] ballot resulted in the casting of 15 votes for Jn-lin and 9 for Morris, and upoii rootion of Mr. Luce, of Monroe, the Dominatioo was made unanimou.s. On motiopofChu. R. Whitrnan acommtbM of three was appointed to drafi ra olutioni expressive of the high appreciatMii .if the oonveutiun for Judge Morris and tha' tli ¦ ame Le publi.shed in the newspapers of the district. Wc frank ly ay that the demoorats have iu:uleacrt'ditable nomination, and iftherepublicanH, at theirponvention this afternoon iiKike a good nominatiuri also, the district will be certain to bavu a fair judge for the MXt six years. Judre Morris will retire from the bencb next January with the respect of all the 0M people in this judicial district.


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