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Garfield's Little Yellow Dog

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The Wasliinuton Star savs : That little yellowdog, that was seco following the carriage containing Oen. GarficM in the procession, has a history tliat is wortb printDg evcD on thisday, wlicn our columns are so pressed for spacc. About a year ago, the saiue dog followed General Garfield frooi w h-ere he got off i strect car at the corner of Thirteenth and 1'' streets to his house corner of Thirteenth and I streets. The General, noticing the dog, threw liim % piece of meat, and forgot the occurreuce UDtil he met the same (log on the same corner the next day. Following liim home again he was rowardod by another piecc of meat. l'in.illy the dog made (üeneral Garfield's house a kind of a temporary headquarters. When Gen. Garfield woDt to Chicago as a delégate to the convontion that nominatcil bim, the dog f'ollotred him to the depot. Before the news reaehed here of the nomination oï 'en. Garfield the dog set up a joyful barkiog that was almoft unbearable. "Something has happenod," said one of the ladies io the house, "and here is a tetegraph messenger. ' ' The message containi'cl the information of the nomination. When (Jen. Garfield carne here some weeks after his nomination, the story was told him and he said he would take the dog to Ohio with him, but when the time lor starting arrived the dog could not bc found, the animal being of a roving nature. Gen. Garfield never saw the dog sinoe until yesterday, when ridjng out with a friend, he saw him, calliug him by hisnanic, '"Bah." The dog recognized tho voioe, and appeared to be happy. As the Goniral arrivcd at the Iliggs House the dog again disappeared. Nothing more was seen of him until to-day as the procession was moving from the White House. The dog followed the carriage all the way to the capitol, but must have got mixed up or lost in some way, for he did not come back with t.


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