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Niitritioas Food. The oames of Prof. Horsford and the iumford chemical works (Providence, K. ;. ) have beoonie so identified with the manufacturo and sale of phosphoric acid and the phosphites, that they are justly considered as the highest authorities in this country, if not ia the world, upon those artiülüd. The tonner ( Prof. 11. has inade the subject of wheat and its conversión intu bread, a life long tudy, and was the first to suggest the use of the phosphateá as acream tarter substitate, whereby the element which are taken trom the flour in bolting are restored. The phosphatic preparations of the above firui have reccived the hearty rocommendation.s of the highest medical and chemical authorities in this and othcr countries, so that their healthfulness and utility are beyond (juestion. They have been put upon the niarket in various forma, tho latest, and ono which will undoubtedly prove the the most popular, being "Prof. Ilorsford's Phosphoretic Haking Powder," which is packed in tin cans like the ordinary baking powders and is to be used in the same way. It is made from I'rof. Horsford's Acid Phosphatc in powdered form. It contains the same ingrediënt, mixed together, as the famous Ilorsford's Bread Preparation,is fully equal in strength if not superior, to any of the ordinary firstclass haking powders, and is sold at reasonable prices. The works have issued for the present year, their Horsford Almanac and Cook Book," which s sent free on application, and will be found well worth sending for. ii Unhappy Family. A family with one dyspeptic or rheumatic U eurely unhappy. The use of hops and malt bitters will remove the cause of disease, purify, invigorate and nourish the cutir system. Ask for a free sample bottle. A Iarge proportion of children who die early are those whose brain development is unusually Iarge in comparison with the body. Why is tfais? Simply because the funciions of the body are too frail to iupply the waste going on in the brain consequent upon active intelligence. Fellows' Compound Syrup of Hypophosphites is so prepared that it imparts the vital principie directly to the brain, while it assists in developing a vigorous and robust body. Labor ímiiic. The demand of the neople for an casier method of preparing lvidney-Wort has induced the proprietors, the well-known wholesale druggists'. Wells, Richardson .t Co., of Burlington, Vt., to prepare it for sale in liquid form as well as in dry form. It saves all the labor of preparing, and as it is equally efficiënt it is preferred by many persons. Kidney-Wort always and everywhere prove itself a perfect remedy.- Buffalo Xews. How to Secure Health. It secms strange that anyonc will suffer from derangement brought on by impurc blood, when SCOVILL'S SA11SAPARILLA and STILLINGIA, or BLOOD 8YRÜP, will restore health. It is tbc best blood purifier ever disoovered, effectually curing Scrofula, jávphlitic disorders, Weakness of the Kidoeys, Erysipplas, Malaria, all Nervous Disorders and Debility Bilious Complaints, Diseases of the Blood, Liver, Kidneys, Stomach, Skin, etc. It corrects indigestión. A single bottle will prove to you its merits as a health rencwer, for it acta like a charm. BAKERS' PAIN PANACKA , ures pain in Man and Beast. Use csternally and intcrnally and find relief. DR. ROtíER'S VK( KTA BLE V( K M SYRl'P instaotly destroys wonu9 and removes all secretions. Ponder on 1 Truths. Torpid kidneys, and constipated bowels, are the great causes of chrouic diseases. Wort has cured thousands. Try it and you will add one more to their number. Habitual costiveness afflicts millions of the American people. Kidney-Wort will cure it. Kidney-Wort has cured kidney complaiots of thirty years standing. Try it. Soe advertisement.


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