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The King's Missive--how Whittier Introduces It

The King's Missive--how Whittier Introduces It image
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mg is the prelude to "The King's MiiWhitner cali lus latest collection ..f lus Joemi rcpriuu-il Irom the magazine :] cail a scant v board too Inte; ifi-timc miMH for whom I wait i. OOM füW nul slmv, methinks, to-il.iy. Ah I who could hear my messaes Across the dim, unsounded seas On which so Hl) have salie J away I Come, Ihen, old friends, who linker yet, And Jet tis meet, as we have met. Once more beneath thU low sunshtne; And Rratefiil for the gixd we've known, 1 lie i idtlles solved, tile illt outjfrown, Shake h.mds upoo tlie border line. Tlie favor, askcd too oft before, From your ndulent ears, once mure I crave; and 1' bclated Uivs To slower, l'eebler measures move, The silent tympathy of love To me Is dearer now than praise. And ye, O younger friemh, for ivhmii My hcullh and heart keep o)n room. Coate uniliny thront;h the Jrutdowl long, He vvith me while the sun goes down, And with your cheerful volees drown The minor of my even song. Kor, equal through the day and night, The wise Elernal oversight And love and power and righteous will Kenuin ; the Uw of destloy Aixl best for each and all must be A nd life it promise shall fulfill.


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