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I never saw a deeper, or more soulsalistying, heartstimng, or appreciative smile than was that which dwelt upon the faces of the audience, and etole out tremenduously upon the air, on a certain occasion when Lawyer Holden, of Oxford county, Mainc, was iuestoning a eertain Crooked Itiver witness on a case at law. It was a very simple matter: A man of N'orway, a well tO do farmer, ia pMUDf tbtí dwelliug of oíd Saín Piagree, in a ore ffagon, liad run over and killed a sinall pig. nogrefl wus boiliog, and failing to OOlaio p.iy by Illuster, be resmtcd o lw, and instrueied Holden to sue ; and Holden d d so. The ease came op before Justice I 'pion. Mtrsloo wa.s the name of the defcudant, and it very soon became evident that evcrybody's sympathy was ith him. OKI Pingree's pigs and cattle, and animal of all sorts, DM been a nuisance in the highway tor yeare. A1M..HK Ntiikm'i wiiiicicii waa i;„jv na Smith- a good old soul- as honest as the du is' iung- truthful and -albeit, a little inoÜDed to teil big Rtoriea of bia own ezpioita. l'ncle 'I'iin had seen the whole thing- had secn the pig run under the horso's feet, coming very near to throwing Marston's team into a complete wreek. Holden took this witnes.s in hand to cross examine him. "Now, see here, Mr. Smith, we want none of your t'potin't - none of jour i's or buts; but 1 want you to give pla'in, straightforward anwers to any questions. Now, dun' (ive your attention ; Vou saw Mr. Marst.ui- the defendant in this case--driving his carriage past Mr. l'm gree's dwelliug?" '.No.sir!', "What ! lid you not so declare un!er oath?" l0, SIK ! " What ! ïou lid not nee Mr. Maratón drtvint; past Mr. i'ingree's dwelling'" "Yes- I tlid!' "Your honor !" exclaimed Holden, turninK to the Justice with fire in his eje, and a ihundcr cloud upon his brow - But Upton did not allow hitn to finisli. ''Confine yourselfto the wkness, Mr. Holden. Kvidcntly, he ktiows what he is talk ing about. " Tlien, boiling with wrath the peppery lawyer returued to the witncss, who stood ij calraly cool and serene as an autumnal morning o time. "Witness, I will a.-k you once more: Did you not teil this court in your direct testimony,. that you stood near and were' looking on when Mr. Maratón passed my client'a house?" "Yes, sir, I did." "And, unir, Mr, what was he drivin{?" ". wat drivin' hix noss, .s-.'" " Holden saw the point, and collapsed. It was a treiuendous nill for hini to swal


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