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A Teutonic Argument

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In the Iegislature of Ohio, there was a warm dispute whether a ccrtain proposed railroad should commcnce at a given poiat down or at a certain other up the river. " Who ever heard," said a down the river advocate, "of beginning anytbing at the top ? Who ever heard of building a chim ney frota tho top downward? Who ever saw a house begun at the top ? l'p jumped a Dutch member from an up-the-river county. "MeeierBrezident.dejentlenians zay dese beeznes ees all von hooniboog, pecause vee vanti to pegocn our railroat, mit de top of de sbtate, und he make some seely comparisons apout do houze und do shiin ney. I veel also auk de jentlemans von (jiifstiori. Ken hees part ov de shtate, ven (ley pegins to built von veil, do dcy pegin mit de pottom ov de veil, or do dey pe;iu mit do top of de veil ? Veel de jetlemans Jiléese answer me dat von litlle question?" The laughter whioh explosively followed this Teutonic retort showed who, in the opinión of the legislators, had the better of the argument. - Editor's Drdwer. "I don't like cottage-built man," said young Sweeps to his rich old unole, who was telling the story of his early trials for the hundredth time. "What doyou mean by a cottage-built man f" aslted his uncle. "A man with only one story," answered young Sweeps.


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