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The Missing Rhymes

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Tho poem wilh eomments upon it given below, which were published in the Indianapolis Ilcrald is one of the most remarlealle iu the. EnglUh laDKuage, remarkable for its peculiar rhymc and puzzle and depth oí study, and we would like to see if any of our readen ou t-olve it; or, in otlier words, put the missing rhymes to it, aceording to the rule laid down, wbich is as follows: Ist. The rhytuing word must have a meaning in baapiqg with the context, line and verse. i'd. After the missing word of the first line is found, Hie missing word of the second line must be exaeay the same, with the exception ot' having only one letter prefixed to it; and the missing word of the third line must be exact ly th nm as the second, with just one letter mure prelixcil 10 it, and all theoe inu-t be EnglUfa words, in unisón with the whole poem To give a clear idea of what is goesnt, we will insert the missing rnymea rtf the first stanza: The captain strode from forc to AFT, As ordly on his simple RAFT As thoutfh it was soine noble Craft. N"W it will be oheerved that these rhvtnes mako good sense with what preci-'- tbem; tod that the aeoond is made from the first by prefixing one letter; and the third from the seoond, by prefiiinR ene more letter, and afl ihree rliyme mul gWe sense to the whole stanza, which ptherwise would be siin [ly Donsense. The first rhymewotd aft ; the seeond i- also uit, with only tlio prefix ol the lettor 1!, whieh maken the ora ial! ; and the third is ruft, wilh only anoilnr prelix of the letter (J, whioh makes it oraft. And so it goes on down through the whole poem, whieh is rielilv worth the shuiy of old nnd tung, the preceptor and bis pupilg, :i inreniou-ly showing of what ooml iaatiou our languaj.'e is eapable. 'l'o (ive our readers :i nood fair start, we will here iert the rhymes of the 86001x1 verse: 11e shoutcd, shovcd and ordertd, and 1 ne floating warehouse brouht to land ; 1 hen cnangiuK t.c, ._„ Wuut to B, . Here is the poem : THE MISSING RHYMES. The captain strode from fore to As lordly on his simple - -. As though it were sume noble . He shouted, thoved and ordered, The floating warehouse brought to , Then changing tone from blunt to . He cried his cargo, tons of , Coate, linens, jeweis, apples - . ho'ü bny my - ? And buyers carne with eye and , Boóght larjfe nd little, pearl or l'rom book to barrel, spoon lo . He sold by inch. he sold by Sold plow and screw, sold type and , Sold muslin for a lady's . Sold pipes of wine and casks of- - , Sold drums and fifes, the camp to , Sold game from rabbit up to . Sold fish. from salmón down to , Lumber for pencils and for , Dishcs from silver cup to . He sold to scribes and printers , To flonsts, lily buds and , Sold sparrows' cages filled with' . He sold to sketchers, India , Sold chains of gold, and manya That blacksmiths torgc and teamsters - He sold to seedmen hemp and , To milliners sold silk and , To dentists tools to pull or . He sold to wear, to drink, to 1 He vended cold and trafïickeil The buyers voted him a . ( The Rail was out, the tide was , ' The rloat. renewed by plank and f Aain adown the streara did .


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