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Ships Never Heard From

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The following European steamers liave never been heard of'after loavitu; port : The fí-esident, which sailed lium New ïprk.Mwch II. 1841, had atiion? her passeogers Tyrone Power the fatnous [rufa comedian, and a son of the Duke of Riohmond. The Greai Brüavt ma lost in a storm on the coast of Ireland. Iveft September 22, 1 The City of Glasgow w-.n never heard of afterleaving Glasgow, in therpriogof 1854, and 480 lives wore lost. Tbc was never heard Brom after Jan. 23, 1856, wheu she lef't Liverpool. 200 lives i Tha Tempest was never heard frotu after she left New York Feb. 36, The Connaugkt was burned uff the coast of MMMMbuaetta, Oot V, : The United Kütodom , ,.w Vork Ariril 17, 1869, and was nevtr heard from. 80 lives logt. Tbe Kty ¦ Botton left New York Jan. 2S, 1870, and was never afcerward bftid from. About 160 lost. The Hili.iiiin fonndrd off the Iri-b coast November . hut was never heard from. The ('¦imüift wis wrecked on the Irish OMi November 29, 1863, and 'M livcs lost. The Iimalia left New Vork September -".'. 1878, and u yt't unheard of. The Jast is the Brütol City, which left .N.w ïork tbr Kngland ontli.' t cl ind not haviiiK bi-on board from since is i:iven up as lost. She had a crew of 28 men, but no passengere, being a freight stoamer.


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